Hey there! I'm Shanda.

I'm a full-time wedding and commercial photographer and I'm the youngest in a family of 11 children. I am a mom to 3 busy beautiful girls, I am obsessed with salted caramel hot chocolate (especially the kind from starbucks), I love truffle chocolates, and my dream is to travel the world! 

 I did my schooling in photography and learned a love for the art that I never knew existed.  It is my passion and I live, eat, and drink it. I learned from some of the very best in the industry and I've been photographing now for about 11 years.  I fall more in love with it every passing year,  it is so deeply rooted in me now that I feel as if I couldn't live without documenting life and love!  It gives my life purpose. My life is richer when I get to capture the moments that make up your love. The moments that show the world who you are together. 

Let's photograph what love looks like for you, what it feels like, the emotion it creates inside you. I'm not looking for those perfect posed moments. I won't ask you to look at the camera for every shot. I definitely will not ask you to give me serious faces.  I am obsessed with wind in your hair and eye crinkle smiles, I don't love photos of both of you looking at the camera - because let's face it - nothing says love like you staring at me instead of one another ;) (Don't worry moms - I WILL get a few of them smiling at the camera for you) But if you like photos of what real love looks like, I'd love to collaborate with you on your shoot, to truly capture what makes your love YOU + unique.  To document what drives your love and what it all really means to you. If you just want pretty perfect hair in place pictures, I'm not your photographer.  But if you want to get out and be real, have fun, laugh, cry and be vulnerable in your love together, let's make some magic, and record your journey.  

Love never goes out of style.   


Being able to document life, love, and moments has filled my life with so much joy. I relish in the memories I have the privilege of documenting. I can't wait to hear from you!

Booked already? Don't worry. I work closely with an associate photographer that is available if I am not. Let's chat about it!

I love adventures and traveling, and for a limited time I am offering my  destination weddings at the cost of travel/lodging for me and my videographer. Yep, you heard me! You get not only a photographer, but a videographer too! Contact me for details!

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