If my page makes you feel something, if you find yourself wanting what you see on my site, if you have the desire to create a story, adventure together, connect, and share in creating magic and memories, you are my people and I can’t wait to talk to you!

If you are looking for someone to show up and click a button, looking for a cheap photographer, or just price checking for the best deal, I’m not your photographer. And that’s totally ok! There are a lot of photographers who will do that for you and come in the cheapest just to book with you.

If you want your love captured the way you are together; authentic, maybe a little messy. Let’s be friends. Let’s be real. Let’s go adventure!

A shoot with me will be YOU. Not that posed stiff kind of shoot. Not a formal dress looking perfect shoot. I already know that mom and grandma will want some photos of you looking at the camera, and I’ll be sure we get some of those. But you looking at me, posed and stiff through a whole shoot is not you, and it’s not me. I want the moment you trip and laugh, or when he kisses your neck and you squirm. I want that hair blowing in your face and you closing your eyes when he wraps you up. Your dress will probably get a little dirty, we do our best, but I’m limited by how willing you are to let it down and have some fun, so just plan to have it cleaned after our shoot so you can get the images you want. Love is fun, and messy, and romantic, and sweet. I want it all.

It’s totally ok if you like photos of you looking at the camera, and if you like every hair in place, and if you like to be more formal. No problem. That’s perfect for you. I’m just probably not the photographer for you, and I want you to be 100% happy with your shoot experience.

You’ll have shoots in focus, shoots out of focus, shoots with crazy sun flares, and shoots that are polished and pretty. You’ll get every experience. And you’ll have fun. If you are still wondering if I’m right for you, take a chance. Let’s see what we can create together.