It’s About YOU.

I offer Travel, Friends, Adventure, Wedding, Elopement, Anniversary, Couple, you name it… photography Services

Price. It’s one of the first things most people think of. I’m not going to be the cheapest photographer you can find. If you are here looking at just prices, I am not the photographer for you. That’s totally ok. You’ve got to do what works for you.

Photographs are the one thing besides each other that you really take away from the Wedding Day. I don’t show up to just shoot. I show up to capture from beginning to end the memories that will make up this day and record it forever. I like to be a part of your family, a friend, not just a fly on the wall. I’m going to be there to help if I see a need. A hair out of place? Need some lip gloss? Need help setting up tables so the reception can get started? I’ve done all this. Not because I have to, but because I care about you. I care about your day being as wonderful as you want it to be.

All photographers are going to tell you they will capture all the real moments. We obviously all want to do that. What I’m going to do is capture YOU. The love stuff. The sweet moments. And all the perfectly imperfect moments.

“This is not about longevity, this is about..being comfortable...with the yucky love stuff....and i am”
-My Best Friends Wedding

Full Wedding Coverage

Every moment matters. You cherish each other from the the first touch to the last. You want to remember what this stage of life was like for you, and you want it forever. Let’s capture every moment of the beginning together, from Engagements, to the end of the Wedding Day.


Engagements + First Look/Bridals + 6 hrs Wedding day coverage

Starting at $1600 (add on wedding day hours can be applied)

Fully edited, full resolution photos in a Downloadable Gallery


Out-Of-Utah Weddings

If you are getting married outside of my hometown state of Utah, don’t for a second think I’m not available at a reasonable price to cover your wedding for you. I charge the cost of travel and lodging + $1800. I love to help you find cheap flight tickets so that it’s affordable for you.


Engagements + First Look/Bridals done in Utah or you can fly me to you

Starting at $1800
(Can be customized if you just want wedding day
coverage and no Engagements + First Look)

Fully edited, full resolution photos in a
Downloadable Gallery

If you pick somewhere on my bucket list,
you only cover travel!!

Let’s adventure together.


Couple Shoots

Engagements, Bridals, First Look, Anniversary,in home session.

These are my favorite type of shoots. The ones we really get to connect on without the hustle and bustle of a wedding day. This is when I really get to see YOU. We get the chance to slow it down and watch your love unfold.



Bridals/First Look

Anniversary/In Home Session

80—100 Fully edited digitals
Did you think this session was going to be something I put a time on?
As my daughter says - WRONGO!
We shoot for as long as it takes to tell your story
After all, love doesn’t have a time limit.

* Now guys, I know you aren’t excited about your shoot. It’s the rare guy like my funny husband who is. This isn’t the typical shoot you’ve imagined. Stiff, posed, boring. This is you connecting with your girl. Holding her in your arms. Kissing. Looking in her eyes. Just being together. I haven’t had a guy come away from a shoot with me without saying that was actually a fun time. I mean come on. You get to just snuggle and play around with your partner. What’s better then that? So let’s go adventure together and have a good time, get a little messy, and a little wild.



I love to have both options for a wedding day. There is so much that happens on a wedding day and photos can only record moments in still form. So important, and I would never want to be without those still images, but Video provides voice, life, and you can look back and hear the laughter, see the tears, and live in the moment all over again. This is why we offer Videography services to go along with your photography.


Prices range from $600 - 1800. Let’s talk about your wants + needs and create a package that works for you. When you book Photo + Video I always offer a discount -
so let’s Connect!