If you are searching out a mentor, I know what’s going through your head right now. Because I’ve been there. You’ve read everything you can get your hands on. You’ve been out practicing, getting all your settings as good as you can, going to workshops where you feel lost in the background. You’ve spent countless dollars trying to learn connection, and you are still frustrated with the end results. Not enough bookings, not happy with your images because they feel too forced and posed. Frustrated that you keep trusting someone online to help you learn your way, just to get mediocre help for something you spent hundreds of dollars on. Not to mention how often they don’t want to share all their “secrets” so you only get a little of what you would like to know.

That’s not what you are going to find here. You are going to find someone who will walk through different scenarios with you. Who will answer all your questions, even the ones you think are embarrassing to ask. You’ll leave knowing how to use your camera, how to connect, how to handle different lighting situations. You’ll leave feeling so much better about your abilities. And at the end of the mentorship, I don’t charge you a fee when you contact me with more questions, or need more info. I’m not in it for the money. It was never about that. It’s about being here until you feel the confidence you deserve to feel. It’s about being real. Being a friend. After all, I’ve been in your shoes. I remember what it was like reaching out to other mentors just to feel they were only in it for the money - 1 hr of their time is never going to get you where you need to be. Let’s make this happen. As our bachelorette friend said…
”let’s do the damn thing!”


The Process

The best way to learn, is on the job. I have tried so many different mentoring sessions myself and found that anything less then on the job training felt like a waste of my money. It was frustrating because I still didn’t know how to shoot the way I wanted to, how to connect with others. Being present to see first hand how to interact and use your camera will teach you so much more. That’s why I price the way I do. Invest in yourself. You deserve it.

Couple/Family Mentoring


Skype/facetime session to go over all the questions you have. Pricing, marketing, camera settings, lighting, and more!

Join me on a Shoot to learn how connecting and interacting with your couple gets you the kind of photos you want. I will walk you through each step of the shoot, we will work with different lighting scenarios, and different couples so you really have a chance to understand working with different personalities.

Templates for connecting with your clients
-these are all the forms I send to my clients, you will be able to customize them for your needs.

We will do two shoots together in one day to work with different lighting situations, one couple, one family.

A lasting mentor. If a question comes up and I can answer it, I’ll be there for you.

Commercial Mentoring


Skype/facetime session to go over all your questions about being a commercial/marketing photographer

Shoot: Join me on a shoot where you will see how I interact with my clients, how I shoot for the client, my processes of shooting and interacting with a team. This gives you the opportunity to see a shoot from start to finish.

Lenses: We will go over why and when you use different lenses and the images each will create for the client.

Lighting: We will work on lighting. Off camera flash, studio lighting, natural light, working with one light, two lights, three light set ups. We will go over all the lighting questions you have.