Mandy Grove Senior Photos

When I saw on facebook that this sweet girls dad's fight with cancer had come to an end, my heart just broke for her and her family.  I have been photographing this gorgeous dancer for years now, and I have grown to just love her and her mama.  They are good people.  Losing a loved one is hard.  Really hard.  Losing a father or mother or husband is harder.  Especially when you are still so young.  It's really REALLY hard when the week your father dies, you have to put a smile on your face and get on stage and dance, because you have commitments, and you are in a performance.  Watching this girl dance on stage at dress rehearsal last night for Sleeping Beauty made my eyes tear up.  Her strength, elegance, and passion in such a difficult time is amazing.  It takes a strength no one can understand who hasn't lost a parent to get up and get back to "normal" even months after.  To do it within the same week, takes more then you can even imagine. Stay strong pretty lady.  Sending you so much love and peace as you dance on that stage this weekend!  You make your daddy proud.  

SC-Christy Grove-2016-7028.jpg
SC-Christy Grove-2016-7137.jpg

A little Halloween fun // Thriller // Michael Jackson style

Melinda Nelson and her cute son like to have fun - and never is it more apparent then at Halloween.  Each year they have dressed in character together.  It's so fun to see their past photos they have done together.  My favorite are the ones where they did the frog prince....cutest thing ever.  This year they decided to do Thriller...