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I can’t tell you how sad I am that this family moved!! I have loved photographing them over the years and I’m so glad that before they left, I was able to photograph them one last time for their maternity session. It was so tender, sweet, and I’m gonna miss them like crazy! Wonderful people. Great hearts. So happy for them and their new baby!

Breanne + Derek Miller Birth story // Logan Utah Birth Story // Birth stories

Right after baby boy was delivered you could tell something wasn't quite right, instead of pinking up, he was getting more and more purple.  They only let Breanne hold him for a moment before taking him over and putting him on a c-pap for air.  And after trying to get a tube down his throat and not being able to, they rushed him to the NICU, only giving Breanne a moment to reach over and touch him.  

Mattie Williamson Birth Story // Brigham City Hospital // Cache Valley Birth Photographer

Mattie texted me at almost midnight. I headed to the hospital in Brigham City and slept in my car until abt 2 when she was at a 7. Then I went in to join the fun and wait to meet the little guy!  

Mattie was such a trooper through it all, laughing and happy, with just a little nerves around the delivery time. She has an infectious personality. Her husband was coming in from working in vernal and we were all hoping he would make it before the baby came.  She kept checking her phone to see where he was.  He got there right in time to shower then help her push. He was a little worried about everything going on as more Dr.'s came in the room to check her progress but handled it all beautifully. 

The baby was face up so her Dr. had another Dr. come double check and see if they needed to do a C- Section, he thought for a little bit they would have to so he had them prep the OR. But her Dr. was amazing and patient -working her through the birth slowly and safely. After a few good pushes she was able to get the cervix up over his forehead and deliver him without a C- Section. He was all swollen from the pressure and his little swollen lips were the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Her husband said they’d have to call him bubba because his lips were so swollen and big (I thought they were absolutely adorable.)

 James Dale Williamsom  ( JD ) 

A whopping 9lbs 15 oz... 

22 inches long

A bit of the story from Mattie herself:

He gave us a bit of a scare. Being born "face presentation" (face first instead of crown first.)

Really dangerous and really scary. I don't suggest you google it unless you want to have nightmares. They called the O.R. and respiratory team to be on standby. Somehow they did this and still maintained an extremely calm atmosphere. But by the grace of god and amazing doctors they were able tuck his chin just enough to have him come with minimal damage and no c-section or respiratory team. His voice was almost non-existent, but is slowly healing. He is still horse but sounds so much better. His face was severely swollen, (last 2 pictures) but quickly went down to normal by the end of the day with Hardly any bruising. We came out with literally the best possible outcome for the situation we were in. Face presentation is really rare only happening 1 in every 25,000 births. 


Khristen + Brady Newswander Birth Story// Utah Birth Story photographer // Birth Stories

We struggled for over 4 years with Secondary Infertility to get Emmett, our third, here. So when we knew it was time for another, we started trying just before he turned one. Fully expecting it to take time again we were surprised when 5 months later, I was pregnant! We were so excited and a little shocked. Unfortunately, 2 weeks later, I started bleeding. After an emotional roller coaster of a week with multiple appointments and tests, it was in fact confirmed a miscarriage. It was a very difficult experience for us, including our older 2 children. It was difficult to explain to them, to help them process, just as difficult as it was for Brady and I. After the D&C, taking some time to grieve and physically heal, and getting the "Ok" from my Doctor, we started trying again…. read more of this sweet story on the blog!

Brenda Birth Story // Cache Valley Birth Photographer // Logan Regional Hospital

Why would you want to hire a birth photographer for such a private thing?  Birth happens so quickly, and everything leading up to it is such a bustle of excitement and adrenaline.  Often times this makes it hard to remember all that happened during the birth.  And believe me - you will want to be able to go back and remember those special moments.  The moments your husband reached over and kissed your forehead when you were getting nervous.  The way he held your hand as you suffered through contraction after contraction.  The look on both your faces when the Dr. held up your baby.  The first time you touch your babies cheek and toes and count their fingers. These are moments I want you to have and be able to look back on and cherish.  Those memories and moments are so important.  I want to preserve how precious and raw that moment was for you.  


Questions I've been asked about birth photography:

What photos will you be taking? 

I know most people get really nervous that the photos are going to be all these private area photos. I promise to first respect you and your comfort level.  We discuss before hand what you would and would not like photographed. Some want every moment and detail recorded, while others are happy to have me stand at their head and capture all I can of the baby when it is delivered.  Your photographs will be shot documentary style, real moments, not posed, emotional details, and I promise to tell the story with each shot I take.  

What if I have to have a C-section?

You will need to clear whether or not you can have a photographer in the OR during the C-section with your Doctor/OBGYN.  Some will say yes and some will say no.  Your story can still be recorded with photos before going in, and after mom comes out of recovery.  I will be able to follow baby around after he/she is delivered and capture photos for mom to later see.  I often think having a photographer for a C-section (having had 3 myself) is so very important because you don't get the chance when having a c-section to follow baby after or to record those memories yourself.

What if you don't make it in time?

I have not missed a birth yet.  If you let me know the moment you are going into the hospital to have the baby, I will be there in time.  The rate is set because I am on call 24/7 for two weeks around the babies birth time. If I do miss the birth because of something on my end, I will refund 100%. If I miss it because I am not told in time to make it, there is no refund. I always have a back up photographer on hand in case something comes up and I am not close enough to make it.

When do I call you to come?

The week of your due date I like updates on how you are every other day.  When you go into labor I like a text and phone call to make sure I am aware of you heading in.  If the Dr. says it looks like things are progressing quickly I will head in when you are at a 6.  I stay until the baby is delivered and I get photos of mom and dad both holding baby.

Do you take payments?

Yes, over the course of 3 mths you can make payments, so long as the final payment is paid within 3 mths of the babies birth.  Images will not be delivered until final payment is made.

 Do you share images on social media?

This is discussed when you first book your birth story session.  I do not post any photos on any social media outlets unless I have your signature saying you are ok with it. I will not post anything I do not have permission to post.

What kind of light is used?

I use natural light.  Because of how intimate and tender a birthing experience is, I find a flash is very distracting. I am experienced in shooting in low light.  If it is very dark, there may be times I will use a constant light source to light up an area so your images are good quality.

How many images can I expect?

Anywhere from 80-300 images.  I shoot as much of your story as I can capture. The length of your labor determines how many images we end up with.  

Do I receive images in black and white or color?

I do a combination.  Some photos (the more graphic ones) usually look better in black and white.  But I love color photos and leave most of mine in color unless you request black and white.

Do I receive a DVD with my images?

I no longer offer DVD's. I will send you a Gallery link to download all your images.  You will have access to this gallery for up to 2 years.  You will be able to access your images from any computer and download them whenever you would like.  I encourage you to go through me to have professional images printed - I love and value professional quality printed images in frames.

How soon will I receive my images?

I try to send a couple images to you within 24 hours after I leave the hospital so you can share them with family and friends.  The rest of the images will be finished within 2 weeks of the birth.  

"This is one choice you will not regret.  It will be one of the best decisions you make, to record such an amazing time in yours and your child's life. The memories are priceless."


Utah Birth Story//Brielle Birth Story// Brigham City

Her face went white as a sheet and she looked as if she was going to pass out.  The placenta was having a hard time coming out.  They laid her back, put oxygen on her and the room filled up with doctors and nurses everywhere...

Cache Valley Birth Story // Kristin Ackerman // Birth Stories

Kristin is an amazing photographer herself - so it's always a little intimidating when another photographer asks you to photograph a special occasion for them.  But I was excited to meet her and be a part of her special day.

Kristin was in a little car accident three weeks before her due date, so she went to the hospital to be checked and they decided to keep her and monitor her. It was a Saturday night and I received a text from her letting me know she was in the hospital.  Since she was so early, I still had some shoots lined up, so I was really hopeful it would still work out that she'd have it when I would be able to make it.

She labored all day Saturday and Sunday, she was at a three for a really long time. By the time she got to a five and they decided to induce her it was 5pm. At nine there wasn’t any change so I decided to go to bed, at midnight I received a text that she was at a 9.5 and there was pressure so hurry! Haha. Births are so unpredictable. When I got there they were all smiles and Kristin was so adorable and funny. She had a cute sarcastic sense of humor and was enjoyable to be around. It didn’t take long at all for that sweet baby girl to make her appearance, a couple pushes and out came a dark head of hair, it took her a minute to start crying, but no time at all to want to nurse. She was a strong heathy sweet baby girl.

Watching Chris and Kristin together was so sweet. Chris spent the whole time loving on Kristin, leaning in to caress against her cheek, holding her hand.  Guys!  Take note!  When your wife is having a baby, there is nothing better then a supportive husband who is right there, easing the wives worries or just loving on her and being supportive every minute of what she needs. Kristin said Chris is like a lion, he is so snuggly and adorable with his girls, I loved watching how he’d just snuggle his head right into them both. There was so much happiness in that little room.  Little 5lb Edelweiss is going to be one loved little girl. 


Logan Birth Photographer//Brielle Maternity//Birth Stories

I met this spunky mama at Bunco night, and she was so sassy and so much fun!  I was excited when she called me to see if I could cover her birth story.  Of course with my Birth stories I always offer a mini maternity shoot too, so I was able to spend some time with her and her husband before sweet little babies birth.  Her birth story was a first time experience with the mama being in a tough spot during delivery, and it had all our emotions coming out.  Can't wait to share that story with you on another blog post! Stay tuned!


Logan Utah Birth Story//Celsey Birth Story//Logan Regional Hospital

Having a baby is a tough, emotional, exciting experience.  Celsey experienced every emotion during her birth story.  This is one mama who adores her babies.  Everything she does is to make a better life for her little family, she loves them so much.  She's such a gorgeous kind, tender mama, I've loved getting to know her and see her interact with her little ones.  

Her room was full with all the people who love her and were so excited for this baby to come.  She had support on both sides, from both sets of parents, and her own little family, she was surrounded in love and care.  There was a lot of excitement for this sweet little baby, and just look how adorable and perfect she is!  I love watching babies come into the world, there is nothing quite like it - nothing makes you feel so incredibly full in life as a new little baby.

Congratulations to your sweet little family Celsey!  You are such an amazing woman to watch, I love your drive and your passion, and your authenticity!


Logan Birth Story// Birth Photographer //Lauren & Brandyn Hawkes

I'm playing catch up with all my beautiful clients sessions.  I hate being behind on blogging sessions, but some things happened this month that made it so blogging had to go on the back burner.  But here I am picking up with all the stories I've been dying to share.  

This beautiful couple!  I can't say enough good about them!  They were one of my very favorite engagement sessions ever. Check out their romantic session Here. 

I was over the moon when Lauren won my drawing for a free birth story.  These two are so much fun to be around and there is always a lot of laughing.  I asked how marriage has been and they said they still make each other laugh every day.  There you have it - the secret to a happy marriage!  

Brandyn stayed right by her side, making her laugh and smile.  He'd sing silly songs to the baby, leaning over her stomach, putting his mouth to her tummy and singing out loud.  The nurses laughed and loved it.  Brandyn is a writer.  He would take breaks when Lauren was resting and he would go and record the whole process taking place.  Every detail was written down lovingly, recorded for all time.  Little Topher (a name made from all the Christopher's they have on both sides of the family) will have his birth story to look back on in photos and in word, every moment of it.  What a sweet gift. 

I'm so happy to see you two become parents.  You are amazing people and Topher is a lucky boy to call you mom and dad!  Love you both!


Carrisa & Donnie Dominy // Baby Macklyn Logan Hospital // Birth Stories

I got a text from her at 10pm on September 15th and she said she was headed to the hospital. She told me she was only at a 3 but 90% effaced, so they were going to keep her overnight. I had her send me texts with any changes and at 6am in the morning she texted she was at a 7- but they were waiting for her water to break. 

Christie Heywood Birth Story// Logan Regional Hospital // Shanda Call Birth Stories

As I came down the hall, there was a friend outside the door who said "better hurry, they are all in there!"  She had gone so quickly after the epidural and things were moving very fast.  I hurried in, ran up to the head of the bed and got in place ready to start photographing. I got there right in time...