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Brophy-Oneil Engagments // Utah Wedding Photographer // Snowy Engagements

We had so much fun on this snowy engagement session! It wasn’t snowing when we started the session, but all the sudden it dumped on us! I thought they would want to quit shooting, but they just went with it and laughed and we had a good time. I love when my couples are adventurous and up for whatever fun is thrown our way. Excited for their wedding day!! Congratulations you two!

Engagements// Shanda Call Photography // Wedding Photographer

Its been a year since we took this sweet couples engagement photos!!  I wanna go back again!  They had me smiling from ear to ear.  They were so tender and sweet together and made every moment of their session so much fun.  They are so full of life and so full of absolute love for one another.  It was freezing cold outside and they still wanted to wade out into the water for photos.  They both have a love for Alaska and rain boots.  


Thanks to my amazing associate Dycie Leishman for assisting on this shoot!

Seth + Kylee Engagements// Logan Utah Engagements // Utah Weddings

These two love to laugh.  Their whole session was laughing and fun with little sweet moments in the middle of all that laughter.  They find so much joy being with one another....

Big Cottonwood Canyon // Utah Weddings // Laughing to Loving

Big Cottonwood Canyon // Utah Weddings // Laughing to Loving

One day after Brittney got back from Israel, he just showed up on her doorstep. He didn't say a single word, just walked up and kissed her. It was their first kiss and "the rest is history" they said.

How Sweet It Is // Utah Weddings

When Andrew showed up for their first look, he started talking to me about how much I'd love Laura and began listing off all the reasons I would love her. Her smile. The specks of gold in her eyes. Her smile. Her dress- that was going to be amazing. Her smile. Her sweetness. He said she was seriously an angel and so incredible. For about 15 minutes, he could not stop talking about everything he loved about her and how excited he was to marry her the next day.

He was right, and "sweet" is an understatement. When she showed up, sure enough, the first thing I noticed about her was her smile. She scrunched up her nose and eyes in such an endearing way, you couldn't help but fall in love with her.

And once they are together, the fun begins! They have the same funny quirky personality and they can't stop smiling and making each other laugh. If laughter is the best medicine these two should be good for life!

Congratulations you two wonderful people!!



Conner + Madi Engagements // Silver Lakes // Storm Mountain // Shanda Call Engagements

Oh my gosh. Talk about having a hard time narrowing down my favorites! Conner & Madi were so freakin cute together that nearly every image was frame worthy! Their love is so adorable and real and giddy that I would snap pictures in between and catch the very best moments! 

Lydia + Travis Engagements // Tony's Grove Utah // Shanda Call Engagements

Travis and Lydia are so tall!! I was looking up to these two during the shoot ;) haha! Not surprisingly, they are both basketball players and played professionally after high school in college. I’m just a little 5 footer so they had well over a foot on me! Not to worry, I'm used to it.