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Right after baby boy was delivered you could tell something wasn't quite right, instead of pinking up, he was getting more and more purple.  They only let Breanne hold him for a moment before taking him over and putting him on a c-pap for air.  And after trying to get a tube down his throat and not being able to, they rushed him to the NICU, only giving Breanne a moment to reach over and touch him.  

Ashely Jackson Family

Jake's mom Karalee was one of my favorite people in Newton growing up.  She made me and the others my age laugh all the time.  She was fun, funny, energetic, and loved us.  I've surely missed her since I moved away from my hometown.  This son of hers was just a little guy when I moved, and it was fun to go take photos of his little family and see him as a father.  He is so tender and sweet with his wife and baby, it was fun to see. It's so crazy how the years go by!

Kristin Ackerman Lifestyle Session

To say I adore her is an understatement.  I wish there were more people like her in the world. 

Khristen + Brady Newswander Birth Story// Utah Birth Story photographer // Birth Stories

We struggled for over 4 years with Secondary Infertility to get Emmett, our third, here. So when we knew it was time for another, we started trying just before he turned one. Fully expecting it to take time again we were surprised when 5 months later, I was pregnant! We were so excited and a little shocked. Unfortunately, 2 weeks later, I started bleeding. After an emotional roller coaster of a week with multiple appointments and tests, it was in fact confirmed a miscarriage. It was a very difficult experience for us, including our older 2 children. It was difficult to explain to them, to help them process, just as difficult as it was for Brady and I. After the D&C, taking some time to grieve and physically heal, and getting the "Ok" from my Doctor, we started trying again…. read more of this sweet story on the blog!

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Her face went white as a sheet and she looked as if she was going to pass out.  The placenta was having a hard time coming out.  They laid her back, put oxygen on her and the room filled up with doctors and nurses everywhere...

Logan Birth Story// Birth Photographer //Lauren & Brandyn Hawkes

I'm playing catch up with all my beautiful clients sessions.  I hate being behind on blogging sessions, but some things happened this month that made it so blogging had to go on the back burner.  But here I am picking up with all the stories I've been dying to share.  

This beautiful couple!  I can't say enough good about them!  They were one of my very favorite engagement sessions ever. Check out their romantic session Here. 

I was over the moon when Lauren won my drawing for a free birth story.  These two are so much fun to be around and there is always a lot of laughing.  I asked how marriage has been and they said they still make each other laugh every day.  There you have it - the secret to a happy marriage!  

Brandyn stayed right by her side, making her laugh and smile.  He'd sing silly songs to the baby, leaning over her stomach, putting his mouth to her tummy and singing out loud.  The nurses laughed and loved it.  Brandyn is a writer.  He would take breaks when Lauren was resting and he would go and record the whole process taking place.  Every detail was written down lovingly, recorded for all time.  Little Topher (a name made from all the Christopher's they have on both sides of the family) will have his birth story to look back on in photos and in word, every moment of it.  What a sweet gift. 

I'm so happy to see you two become parents.  You are amazing people and Topher is a lucky boy to call you mom and dad!  Love you both!