time together

Sally Family Bear Lake 2018

It's been full on family reunion time, and I love it!  Coming from a big family myself, I enjoy seeing big family groups together.  What you don't realize when you are young, is how limited your time with your siblings really is.  Eventually you see each other less and less.  You go on to have your own families and getting together gets harder, and before you know it, you are only seeing your siblings a couple times a year if you are lucky.  It's always hard for me to see families who don't appreciate the time they could spend together and don't show up for it, because having lost a nephew, and a dad, and seeing my brother in law dying from Stage 4 cancer...I know how fleeting this time on this Earth is.  Next time you are thinking of not going to that family reunion...think again.  That time is so important, and don't wait until it's too late!

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