southern Utah wedding photographer

Spiral Jetty // Utah Wedding Photographer // Hailey + Chris Bridals

I love when my couples trust me with a location for their photo shoot. These guys had never heard of The Spiral Jetty, and had never seen it, but they trusted that I knew what would look good, and I’m so glad they did, the photos and the whole session came out stunningly! I love these two, working with them is a dream. They are open to all my crazy ideas, and have no problem being fun and sweet together. They are such good kind people, and I felt so lucky to be their photographer!


Second Shooter : Dycie Jo Photography

Dress: Petals and Promises

Florals: Lees

Jewelry: Jerriks

Mens Attire: Kater Shop

Halie + Spencer Bridals// Tony Grove // Utah Wedding Photographer

I’ve been so far behind on my blogging. It got to busy season, and every spare moment I’ve spent with family, soaking up what little time we have with those we love. When you are losing someone you love, priorities really change. But I’ve photographed some wonderful beautiful couples this year, and I don’t want to not share them, so better late then never!

Cheyenne + Alec// Mountain Engagements // Utah Wedding Photographer

They met through a mutual friend, and they knew each other for two years before they started dating. On their wedding day it marked two years since they started dating. It took them a little while to finally kiss even though their friends kept telling them to just do it! She went on a vacation and while gone she thought about it and decided she wanted to kiss him after all, so when she got back, she kissed him and the rest is history! They were so much fun to photograph for their engagement session and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day.

Sam Engagements 2018//Engagement Photographer// Southern Utah

I met Sam through Ashton~ they worked together at Nucor and I knew I liked her before I met her , since she was good at giving Ashton a hard time and keeping up with his dry humor. When we did their engagement session we had so much fun, they were adventurous and fun and up for anything I wanted them to do. We had dinner after and it was fun to get to know the two of them together and hear their story. Read it below!

from Samantha:

We met through classy ol' Tinder, he asked me out, I hesitated and waited a year to respond. Oops! But during that time I was still trying to figure things out with an ex and didn't want to mess things up with TC if they were to go well. He finally decided to try again and ask me out (April 2015). After that, we spent the entire summer just having a blast, camping, visiting National Parks, going to concerts, motorcycle rides, anything Utah had to offer. That October TC deployed for 7 months. During that time he got orders to Los Angeles and he asked me to go with him. Crazy enough, I agreed and was able to move down to my new job while he was still away. He moved down May 2016 and we started our new life together, including our "child," my very spoiled dog Roxee that he took right in and all of our bad habits. After a couple years of dating, I was really pestering him (probably my family even more) if there would ever be "the next step" but I also pressured that I wanted to be clueless about the proposal and be a complete surprise. I of course was the worst and thought every special date was "the date," including the fancy steakhouse on the cruise, the brunch boat trip for my birthday and anytime we went to Disneyland (which was often with the annual passes I made him get me for moving down here). Thanksgiving 2018 we decided to get out of the city for the holiday since we weren't able to make it to family's. We first spent a couple days in Death Valley (actually a lot more pretty than the name says) and then went over to Monterey. The whole trip we stayed in our snowmobile trailer converted to camper (aka it had a bed and fridge, nothing else lol). Friday night we decided to go down to Cannery Row and have a nice dinner by the water. What we didn't realize was it was their big Christmas Tree lighting event and literally got out of the car as the whole town was counting down. So least to say it was chaos. We thankfully found a place right on the water and enjoyed a nice dinner. Then we decided we would go find a place for dessert or a drink. Shockingly all the dessert places were closed even though it was only 8 pm! Me, being lazy me, decided we should just go back to the trailer to watch a movie and eat leftover pumpkin pie. Immediately once we got inside, I put on my PJs and got up on the bed (over the gooseneck). TC kept asking me to do everything (serve the pie, pick out a movie, set up the TV) trying to get me off the bed (I was clueless!). He even asked if I needed to go the bathroom. Finally the dog decided to jump off the bed and I got up after her to turn off the light and get her back up. TC jumps up immediately and says, "Wait I need the light on!" and hits the switch. I turn around to ask why and there he was on his knee and quickly blurted, "Will you marry me!" I was so shocked/confused, I grabbed the ring out of his hand and was like, "Really?". Then it hit me what was going on and he repeated himself and I said yes (obviously). He later explained that his whole plan was to ask at dinner and he had carried the ring around all evening but between me, the town events, and being placed next to the "to-go" counter at the restaurant, nothing felt right and he knew he better just ask before I figured it out. Since then, it's been a crazy year of planning the wedding while figuring out our careers and future.