Family// Jack and ShaMayne // Till we meet again…

I never knew a time without Jack being part of my life.  He was there before I was even born.  It was always Jack and ShaMayne. He blessed me as a baby.  He and ShaMayne took me in every summer and off my parents hands so they could work with their 9 other children who were still home, and my grandparents who lived with them, my grandmother needing much care with her alzheimers. 

I loved to visit ShaMayne and Jack because they had babies for me to play with and spend time with, and I loved the babies.  I also very much loved every moment I could spend with Jack in the yard working, or singing songs with him while he played the guitar. Or watching Star Wars or Pride and Prejudice. John Denver became one of my very favorite singers from spending so much time singing the songs with Jack.  Jack knew how to listen, and he knew how to give gentle guidance and correction.  He was always so inspired in what to say and how to say it. He didn’t rush the process and would sit with you until you understood what you needed to.

I always knew he loved me.  He was always like a second father.  I've never really considered him an "in-law" because he has been in the family longer then me.  He's just always been there. Always and forever has been brother to me. Imaging life without him is very difficult. The future family get togethers where we won’t hear his guitar playing or hear his gentle voice singing. The tickles he gave to everyone. (It was a tender mercy that the last day I got to see him, was his last good day, and even though he was on Morphine, he was in a good mood, and he knew who I was, and he even reached over and tickled me when I hugged him goodbye.) We will miss the wisdom he shared with us and the time he’d put aside when we needed someone to talk to. I texted him more then once with things that were bothering me, and he’s always get back to me and explain and talk until I could feel better and understand. I loved how much he loved my sister and how good he was to her. He was so gentle with her, you could always see how much he adored her. He loved to give her gifts and surprises, and he was the most respectful, loving husband to her.

I will miss him so much. My life has been blessed to have known him my WHOLE life. My life was blessed because he was in it. He left a wonderful legacy behind.

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Till we meet again…

Karissa + Weston Wedding day // Salt Lake Temple Wedding // Utah Wedding Photographer

He couldn't wipe the smile off his face. He said it's the greatest day - which is his standard answer to everyday. He says everyday he is alive is a great day. After being in a bad accident and in a coma for 10 days, he takes every moment of life and lives it with happiness and energy. She was content to be by his side and hold his hand and lay her head against him.

Halie + Spencer Bridals// Tony Grove // Utah Wedding Photographer

I’ve been so far behind on my blogging. It got to busy season, and every spare moment I’ve spent with family, soaking up what little time we have with those we love. When you are losing someone you love, priorities really change. But I’ve photographed some wonderful beautiful couples this year, and I don’t want to not share them, so better late then never!

Mountain Engagements //Utah Engagements // Utah Weddings

Lacee and Samuel met on Mutual (an online dating app) and after doing this shoot its super easy to see that the feelings are DEFINITELY mutual! :) They had their first date at Firehouse Pizza, and Lacee said she knew he was a good one when she choked on her pasta and he still liked her after that! They are such a cute couple and naturals in front of the camera! He was so sweet and romantic with her and she had no problem flirting back with him and just being super fun. They were even adventurous enough to get in the water and splash around at the end of the shoot! Happy wedding day you two!! So excited for you and all the great adventures that await!

Dani + Nick Wedding // Le Jardin // Garden Wedding

The sweetest part of the wedding is when they played “Somewhere over the rainbow” during the first dances, for Dani’s brother who passed away, and Nicks uncle who also passed away that year. There was such a tender feeling in the room. What a beautiful day it was.

Dan Wedding 2018

Absolutely loved this shoot and how stunning the bride looked with her beautiful flower crown! Did you know that in some countries flowers are thought to be a symbol of love, good luck, and prosperity? Some cultures even believe that when a bride wears flowers in her hair she will be blessed with happiness in her home. How perfectly fitting! So happy for this beautiful couple! Wishing you many days filled with the happiest memories!

Rachel + Jon Bridals // Antelope Island // Utah Wedding Photographer

When a Niece or Nephew get married you start feeling old.  Where have the years gone?  I'm not ready to be the aunt!  When we were younger my siblings and I would look at the Aunts and Uncles and say "Someday we are going to be them" and sure enough here we are.  

Rachel + Kendall Wedding 2018// Grand View Reception Center

They met on their LDS mission and she contacted him seven months after they were home.  They already had a friendship established, so it was easy for them to fall in love with one another. And they are both so sweet and tender with each other.

Salt Lake City Wedding // Salt Lake Temple // Salt Lake wedding photographer

It was a rainy wedding day, but that did not stop this cute couple from keeping smiles on their faces.  They weren't going to let a little rain get them down.  They had a sweet intimate wedding at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple, it was a perfect setting for their love story.  Amy and I went to Photo school together at USU, she was always a fun person to be around, and I enjoyed our journey through photography together.  She is amazingly talented, and sees things in such a beautiful way.  I was excited that she asked me to photograph such an important day for her.


Engagements// Shanda Call Photography // Wedding Photographer

Its been a year since we took this sweet couples engagement photos!!  I wanna go back again!  They had me smiling from ear to ear.  They were so tender and sweet together and made every moment of their session so much fun.  They are so full of life and so full of absolute love for one another.  It was freezing cold outside and they still wanted to wade out into the water for photos.  They both have a love for Alaska and rain boots.  


Thanks to my amazing associate Dycie Leishman for assisting on this shoot!