best friends

Cheyenne + Alec// Mountain Engagements // Utah Wedding Photographer

They met through a mutual friend, and they knew each other for two years before they started dating. On their wedding day it marked two years since they started dating. It took them a little while to finally kiss even though their friends kept telling them to just do it! She went on a vacation and while gone she thought about it and decided she wanted to kiss him after all, so when she got back, she kissed him and the rest is history! They were so much fun to photograph for their engagement session and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day.

Celsey Family 2018// Utah Photographer // Logan Canyon

The world needs strong women who can raise strong women.  I'm a huge supporter of women taking control of their lives, living brave, and embracing the best that life has to offer them.  This lady is definitely a part of that.  Living brave.  Tia did an amazing job on her hair!  Check out that braid!!

Rachel + Kendall Wedding 2018// Grand View Reception Center

They met on their LDS mission and she contacted him seven months after they were home.  They already had a friendship established, so it was easy for them to fall in love with one another. And they are both so sweet and tender with each other.