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Karissa + Weston Wedding day // Salt Lake Temple Wedding // Utah Wedding Photographer

He couldn't wipe the smile off his face. He said it's the greatest day - which is his standard answer to everyday. He says everyday he is alive is a great day. After being in a bad accident and in a coma for 10 days, he takes every moment of life and lives it with happiness and energy. She was content to be by his side and hold his hand and lay her head against him.

Logan Utah Temple// Rigby Wedding

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a light snow on a wedding day.  I know for most it means cold, and wet hair, but to me it creates magic.  There is something so dreamy about little snow flakes coming down as you exit the Temple as Husband and Wife.  These two weren't phased by it at all.  They smiled, and laughed, and hugged and kissed.  The cold didn't seem to reach them much at all.  To be cliche...they had their love to keep them warm. :)

Emily was absolutely a perfect bride.  Beautiful and sweet as could be.  And he couldn't take his eyes off of her.  They were both surrounded by such wonderful supportive family, and it was a happy occasion.  I am so excited for their journey together. 


The secret behind Valentines Day

So every Valentine’s Day growing up I would receive flowers and a treat or stuffed animal from a “secret admirer” delivered to me during class from as young as I can remember. This always made my Valentines super special because I was always so worried I wouldn’t receive anything because I was afraid no one liked me.  It made the day so much better for me and I’d spend the rest of the day looking around wondering who my secret admirer was. Was it the cute boy that sat behind me? Or the blonde boy who never looked at me as we passed in the hall? Or the boy everyone considered a dork but I knew he was sweet? It was exciting to try to guess.

Fast forward to my first year of college. (Yes, I received flowers every year even through my Senior Year of high school) and I didn’t get any Valentines. It was a sad year for me. I was talking to my mom about it and about how much it meant to me that someone liked me enough every year to send me a Valentine.


The look on her face was so sheepish I about died. “IT WAS YOU!!!!” All those years you let me believe a boy liked me enough to send me a Valentine?? At first I was a little upset, only pacified by the fact that at least some of the years It was someone other then just my moms valentine I was receiving haha. But then... I got to thinking how much it had always meant to me, and how much trouble my mom must have gone through every year to make sure I had a secret valentine. And then I realized how much she must have really cared about me and making sure I felt loved and cared about growing up, because as adults we all know that our parents are the last ones who’s love means much when we are teens and think we know everything.

So there’s my Valentines story haha. Now I have a Valentine who brings me Black tie mousse cake every year and doesn’t judge me when I shove the whole thing in my face. 😁🤓

I know Valentines is not a happy time for everyone, and some people feel really sad about it. I hope you get a Valentine today, but if you don’t, be like my mom and find someone else to give a secret Valentine to, and make their day. You never know who's life is made better by even a small Valentine letting them know they are thought about.  Let them know they matter and they are loved.

No matter how Valentines Day May look for you....

Excuse me while I go stuff my face with chocolate!! And I hope you are doing the same! Happy Valentines Day!

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