Logan Regional Hospital // Birth Story // Miracle Baby Emmett

I'm Khristen, and I've known Shanda for many years. She's got such a kind heart, beautiful personality and she was the perfect choice to do our birth story. I'm so very grateful to her! Not just for capturing our story so beautifully, but for being such an amazing friend. She's kind, caring, supportive, loving, a wonderful person, mother, and wife. The work she has done for us, the precious memories she has captured, I'll never be able to thank her enough!

My labor and delivery was beautiful, but a little rough. We waited for this day for a little over four years as we struggled with infertility and then a difficult pregnancy. My 7-year-old daughter, Kaysha and 5-year-old son Mason begged to be there when their baby brother was born. My husband Brady and I were slightly hesitant- I have my babies natural and I worried about them. After talking it over, we decided they had gone through so much and waited so long, they should be there- we felt good about our decision.

We named this trip (including the hour and a half drive to our preferred hospital) our 'Baby Adventure' and it really was! Brady and the kids talked about what was going on while I breathed through contractions, rubbed my belly and talked to my baby boy. We arrived at the hospital around 11:30pm, now we waited to see if this was real!

Brady and the kids napped on the couch while I labored and kept everyone informed. Around 1am I had dilated to 4 with regular contractions so we were staying! The NICU was informed because I was only 36 weeks along. Things progressed, but slowly.

By about noon my contractions were getting very intense. They were steady, strong and regular. It was painful but it was beautiful and I can honestly say, I loved all of it. I went from standing and rocking with Brady to leaning over the bed to the 10s position.

My Dad sat on the couch quietly or played with Kaysha and Mason. My nurse Diana was so wonderful and supportive. Brady was completely there for me. He was so supportive, spoke very sweetly and calmly to me, and encouraged me every step of the way. I really got lucky with a room full of support and love.

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I was nearing the end of this journey as I could feel it! Baby boy was coming, it was time! I rolled to my back, had 2 contractions, and reached down to feel the top of his head! I can't explain the rush of love, joy, and happiness that ran through me. My Dr hadn't made it so Diana took his place. I pushed, his head was out but he had the cord wrapped around his neck. As Diana unwrapped it I had the chance to see Kaysha- she had tears in her eyes and the look of pure love and happiness on her sweet face! Mason was a little worried and waited in the hall with my good friend Erin.

So many emotions were running through me! I pushed, I think, three more times and finally my screams turned into my sweet baby's cries. I reached for him and Diana placed him on my chest, he was here. My miracle baby was finally here! He was beautiful and perfect, and tiny, and a red head, and mine.

There was so much love and happiness that filled that room. Watching my husband with tears in his eyes touch our baby's head and hold his hand was such a long awaited moment that took my breath away. Seeing how much Kaysha and Mason already loved their new brother was beautiful and priceless. I'm so happy they were there!

We were blessed again with this baby boy because he was perfectly healthy- he didn't need the NICU or any assistance. Our sweet miracle baby, Emmett Preston, joined our family on March 20, 2016 at 3:06pm. He weighed 6lbs 2.8oz and 18.5in long. We are so in love, so blessed, and so grateful!

Birth has made me a stronger, more confident woman. I CAN do hard things! Having all 3 of my babies natural is the most amazing thing I've done. Birth has opened up a whole new part of me, pushing me to not give up.