Karissa + Weston Wedding day // Salt Lake Temple Wedding // Utah Wedding Photographer

He couldn't wipe the smile off his face. He said it's the greatest day - which is his standard answer to everyday. He says everyday he is alive is a great day. After being in a bad accident and in a coma for 10 days, he takes every moment of life and lives it with happiness and energy. She was content to be by his side and hold his hand and lay her head against him. She was absolutely gorgeous like a porcelain doll. They were happy to just be together. They didn't want all the extra stuff that typically makes up a busy wedding day. There was a small reception the night before in a park. There were not a lot of decorations. There was no cake, nothing extra fancy, but they loved seeing their friends and eating food and devouring snow cones. There was a breakfast that morning with family, some family photos, and a couple photos of the two of them after the Ceremony. And then they were done. And they walked off hand in hand to start their life together. It was a short wedding, the shortest I've ever photographed but it was perfect, and they were so happy to be on their way and there were never two bigger smiles as they walked off into their life together. Congrats you two!