A little Halloween fun // Thriller // Michael Jackson style

Melinda Nelson and her cute son like to have fun - and never is it more apparent then at Halloween.  Each year they have dressed in character together.  It's so fun to see their past photos they have done together.  My favorite are the ones where they did the frog prince....cutest thing ever.  This year they decided to do Thriller...and he is just the absolute most perfect Michael Jackson!  Oh my goodness!  He was so funny.  He really wanted to be zombie Michael, but for photos mom didn't want him to be, so he was so funny about it.  He's got some great moves, and just check out those eyes and expressions haha!  It was so much fun, and he's just adorable and has the sweetest mommy.  Thanks for letting me come have some fun with you Melinda!  Always fun to shoot together.