Family// Jack and ShaMayne // Till we meet again…

I never knew a time without Jack being part of my life.  He was there before I was even born.  It was always Jack and ShaMayne. He blessed me as a baby.  He and ShaMayne took me in every summer and off my parents hands so they could work with their 9 other children who were still home, and my grandparents who lived with them, my grandmother needing much care with her alzheimers. 

I loved to visit ShaMayne and Jack because they had babies for me to play with and spend time with, and I loved the babies.  I also very much loved every moment I could spend with Jack in the yard working, or singing songs with him while he played the guitar. Or watching Star Wars or Pride and Prejudice. John Denver became one of my very favorite singers from spending so much time singing the songs with Jack.  Jack knew how to listen, and he knew how to give gentle guidance and correction.  He was always so inspired in what to say and how to say it. He didn’t rush the process and would sit with you until you understood what you needed to.

I always knew he loved me.  He was always like a second father.  I've never really considered him an "in-law" because he has been in the family longer then me.  He's just always been there. Always and forever has been brother to me. Imaging life without him is very difficult. The future family get togethers where we won’t hear his guitar playing or hear his gentle voice singing. The tickles he gave to everyone. (It was a tender mercy that the last day I got to see him, was his last good day, and even though he was on Morphine, he was in a good mood, and he knew who I was, and he even reached over and tickled me when I hugged him goodbye.) We will miss the wisdom he shared with us and the time he’d put aside when we needed someone to talk to. I texted him more then once with things that were bothering me, and he’s always get back to me and explain and talk until I could feel better and understand. I loved how much he loved my sister and how good he was to her. He was so gentle with her, you could always see how much he adored her. He loved to give her gifts and surprises, and he was the most respectful, loving husband to her.

I will miss him so much. My life has been blessed to have known him my WHOLE life. My life was blessed because he was in it. He left a wonderful legacy behind.

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Till we meet again…

Sol + Melissa Solorio Maternity // Utah birth story photographer // birth stories

They were unsure how the shoot would go at first, they had not had a formal shoot together before. But by the end of our shoot they said it was so easy and that I made it fun and easy for them. They asked if I did birth stories but I was so sad I’d be in Tennessee on a job when she was due. They were so cute together and I loved how he would keep complimenting her and wanted to just keep kissing her. He was gentle with her and got a shy smile everytime I had them do a romantic pose together, you could tell how much they love being together.


Utah family photographer // Extended Family photographer // Reunion Photographer

The older I get the more I realize just how important family is.  The more I want the "younger generation" to realize how important family is.  And the more I realize that as the "younger generation, I never listened much to what the "older generation" had to say.  I thought I knew best.  Now what I wouldn't give back to GO back.  To be young again, and spend so much more time with my loved ones.  With my dad.  With my siblings.  And eat up every moment and memory I can.  It's a blink of the eye and it's gone.  Replaced with time.  And it only gets busier and busier as the years go by.  At the end, family is what matters most.

Ashely Jackson Family

Jake's mom Karalee was one of my favorite people in Newton growing up.  She made me and the others my age laugh all the time.  She was fun, funny, energetic, and loved us.  I've surely missed her since I moved away from my hometown.  This son of hers was just a little guy when I moved, and it was fun to go take photos of his little family and see him as a father.  He is so tender and sweet with his wife and baby, it was fun to see. It's so crazy how the years go by!

Loren & Jamie Peck // Logan Utah // Family Photographer

My fall schedule is about full.  If you are a last minute planner like me and still need to get those family photos scheduled, send me a message and let's get you on the books.  It's one of my very favorite times of the year for photos, it's gorgeous, crisp, and boot and hot chocolate season is my very favorite ever!  So let's go play together!

Ches and Elizabeth Family 2018 // Providence Utah // Family Photographer

When you have a lot of little kiddos who don't like to hold still very long, or participate very long, a mini family shoot is the way to go.  The session is 35-40 mins long, and we get all the photos we can in the time the kiddos are in the mood to play and be happy.  They are cheaper shoots and still give you a lot of photos without the kids melting down from the shoot being too long.  No one wants to walk away from a shoot feeling like it was exhausting.  It's my goal to just have you have a fun time and enjoy every minute of the shoot.  So let's set up your shoot and just have some fun!


Family Photos // Utah Family photographer

The cute little girl in this family is one of my daughters best friends.  They are two peas in a pod and it reminds me of my days hanging out everyday with my best friends.  I love seeing my children make relationships that mean so much to them.  This location was perfect, and I loved every shot I got from this session, it was so much fun hanging out with this family. 

Celsey Family 2018// Utah Photographer // Logan Canyon

The world needs strong women who can raise strong women.  I'm a huge supporter of women taking control of their lives, living brave, and embracing the best that life has to offer them.  This lady is definitely a part of that.  Living brave.  Tia did an amazing job on her hair!  Check out that braid!!

Sally Family Bear Lake 2018

It's been full on family reunion time, and I love it!  Coming from a big family myself, I enjoy seeing big family groups together.  What you don't realize when you are young, is how limited your time with your siblings really is.  Eventually you see each other less and less.  You go on to have your own families and getting together gets harder, and before you know it, you are only seeing your siblings a couple times a year if you are lucky.  It's always hard for me to see families who don't appreciate the time they could spend together and don't show up for it, because having lost a nephew, and a dad, and seeing my brother in law dying from Stage 4 cancer...I know how fleeting this time on this Earth is.  Next time you are thinking of not going to that family reunion...think again.  That time is so important, and don't wait until it's too late!

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Leishman Family // Fall Photoshoot // Utah Family Photographer

I love the fall colors from this session, Fall always makes for beautiful photos.  My fall is booking out very quickly, so if you are wanting family photos this fall, now is the time to get on my calendar.  Be sure to message me and let's see when we can get you in for photos in time to send out cards for the holidays… See more of this session on the blog! 

Khristen + Brady Newswander Birth Story// Utah Birth Story photographer // Birth Stories

We struggled for over 4 years with Secondary Infertility to get Emmett, our third, here. So when we knew it was time for another, we started trying just before he turned one. Fully expecting it to take time again we were surprised when 5 months later, I was pregnant! We were so excited and a little shocked. Unfortunately, 2 weeks later, I started bleeding. After an emotional roller coaster of a week with multiple appointments and tests, it was in fact confirmed a miscarriage. It was a very difficult experience for us, including our older 2 children. It was difficult to explain to them, to help them process, just as difficult as it was for Brady and I. After the D&C, taking some time to grieve and physically heal, and getting the "Ok" from my Doctor, we started trying again…. read more of this sweet story on the blog!

Sky Maternity Session// Newborn // Birth Session

I love maternity sessions, the sweetness in each session.  The longing of each pregnant mama to hold her little one soon.  The tenderness that each partner has for her when she's pregnant.  It's such a beautiful time and even though 9 mths seems like a long time with the morning sickness, and the tired body, it's also such a magical time. The tiny butterfly kicks you get to feel, and the heartbeat you get to hear at the ultrasounds, not feeling bad for eating and eating and eating all the chocolate cake you want (is that just me??) and the changes you get to experience each Trimester.  It's all just a beautiful experience. 


Mindy Rawlings Family// Extended Family photographer // Utah Family Photographer

I had such a fun time with this family at the Freckle Farm Greenhouse.  I went to school with Mindy Rawlins and she's always been so kind to me.  I love reading her facebook because she's honest and open. It's always so good to see people I went to school with. And her family are all so kind and fun to be around.  Photoshoots in a greenhouse are always a fun idea!


Stephanie Connor Birth Story//Utah Birth Photographer//Birth Stories


They texted me two days earlier to see if I'd be available to photograph their birth story for them.  I had two shoots scheduled already for that day they were having baby but we took the chance anyway that it would work out and I'm so glad we did!

She let me know she was in the hospital at a 4 on January 2nd at 2:30.  I figured I had quite a while to go, so I ate dinner, laid down to get a nap in case, and at 5:30 I texted to see how things were going. They said she had just jumped to a 10.  I jumped up so fast I knocked Vidia off my lap haha.  I ran our the door without letting anyone know where I was going.  Good thing Ashton knew I had a birth to shoot.

I got a text right as I got to the light by the hospital asking how close I was and that the Dr. was going to wait for me to get there.  Dr. Horsley is amazing and I always enjoy being part of a birth story he is in charge of.  He is funny, and always very supportive of the photographer, making sure we get all the great shots. He made sure I got all the needed shots before having her start pushing.  Only a couple pushes and out that sweet baby came.  There was a room full of excited grandmas and grandpas.

Stephanie wasn't feeling too great after and was feeling a little sick.  It was hard for her to hold baby so daddy got a lot of one on one time with the little princess.  Their little boy came in to see his sister and his face broke out into a big grin.  He was so adorable with her and even gave her some little kisses.  

It was so much fun getting to be a part of this day for them.  I never take for granted how amazing it is that these families call me and trust me with such an important day.

Can we just talk about how amazingly beautiful this mama is too!!!??  


Keesha Family//Utah Family photographer

I grew up with Keesha & her brother AJ in Newton.  My dad and mom took her and her little brother under their wing and loved them and cared for them when Keesha's dad had a heart attack and was in the hospital.  We spent a lot of time together as kids since she lived just two houses down.  She was like a little sister to me.  I love seeing her so happy with her little family.  She was in town for just a short time, and we quickly ran up to the Temple where she wanted to capture some memories with her family before heading home, even in the bright afternoon sun light her little kiddos were perfect. 

Her brother lost his sweet little girl to a tragic accident just a little while ago and my heart hurt for all of them in their pain.  I can't even imagine all they have gone through in their grief. You can read about her story and help here, every little bit helps. 


Celsey mommy session//Cache Valley Birth Photographer // Birth Stories

I'm late. On most everything lately. You will have to forgive how behind I am.  If you haven't seen your session on my blog yet, it's coming!  We blog every session :) My amazing marketer that helped me get my blog posts out had to move, and starting over with a new marketer is always a change of pace project, making sure they know how I like my posts to look and waiting on me for stories :)  It's busy season around here and we are now playing catch up.  So hang in there with me, I have a lot to share.

This sweet mama and her girls were so sweet to capture photos of.  This mama has a huge heart for her kiddos, and spends her life doing everything to make them have a better life.  It's been so much fun to get to know her. 


Mattie Maternity Session//Birth Story Photographer//Logan Utah

Mattie is an awesome photographer herself, and I felt so privileged when she asked me to take her birth story and maternity photos for her.  She is such a lovely person inside and out.  She's so kind and so fun to be around.  I love love these photos of her, I love pregnant bellies and the stunning glow of the moms who are ready to have their sweet babies.