4 Reasons to Hire a Makeup Artist

We asked one of our favorite makeup artists, Tia Celise, to answer a few common questions that brides ask us. Here are her answers, in all their real life, down to earth glory. We love you Tia! 

1. Why do you recommend a hair and makeup stylist for the wedding day?

Hiring a professional ensures that what you are purchasing will look how you want it to look, last for its entirety & (most Importantly) ease your mind + take the stress off of yourself (or the friend, sister, mother you asked). It gives you a relaxing moment to be pampered & look INCREDIBLE!

2. Do you recommend that brides have hair and makeup done for their bridal session as well as the wedding day?

The first reason, hiring a professional for bridals helps the makeup show up & look 100% for photos! Most of the professionals in the area are trained in photography style makeup. There is a big difference between normal, everyday makeup & photography makeup! 
Another reason to hire a professional for the Big Day, it not only alleviates the stress from yourself of doing it (and chancing it not working out your way...) but your makeup artist will know how to ensure longevity of the makeup so you look immaculate all day long! 


3. What can brides expect to budget for hair and makeup?
This is a hard question to answer :)
The pricing throughout Cache Valley (where I call home) has a wide range! A good rule of thumb: The more money you spend- the more education/knowledge & better product quality you are going to receive! BUT do-your-research! Follow them on social media- ask around- make sure you are a good fit & they match your style! 


4. Whats the difference between doing it yourself and having someone do it?
I'll be honest- sometimes I have clients who are interested in hiring me- and in my mind I'm like, "But why??? You do your makeup SOOO GOOD!" 
There are cases where you know your face & products etc. better than any professional out there! Especially if you have an invested interest in your makeup routine! 
BUT- if you're a wake up & throw some powder and mascara on type of girl... definitely look into a professional to consult with to ensure your bridal look matches that elaborate dress you're about to put on :) The makeup should stay true to you- while also finishing off the bridal look! 

Bottom line: a makeup artist will alleviate stress and help you feel like a QUEEN on the most memorable day of your life! 

#noregrets treat yo self ;) this day only comes once!

-Tia Montgomery
Celise Artistry

We love the hair and makeup artists we work with and highly recommend them.  They make you feel like a million bucks, and when you feel good, it shows in the photos!