Nikki + Ethan // Falling in love quickly // Utah Engagement Photographer

This girl is near and dear to my heart.  She's more of a sister then a niece.  She lived with my mom and dad off and on from the time I was 15 to when I moved out at 18.  She was my little shadow and I loved to play with her.  She even came to school on the bus with me a couple times when my parents were out of town.  She was a darling baby and always so happy.  It's bittersweet to me that she is getting married this week.  On one hand I am so happy for her happiness and that she's found the best guy for her.  And on the other hand it's another realization at how quickly life is slipping through my fingers.  The years keep going and I can't slow them down any. 

They are such a cute couple! They met at a swing dance class at BYU-Idaho. She was a bit bummed when he didn’t ask for her number, and he was a bit upset that he never got the chance to that night. “Other guys kept coming and stealing her away” he says laughing (he laughs easy). He tried looking her up on Facebook but couldn’t find her. He almost gave up hope until they met again at another dance class. This time he made sure she didn’t get away. They hit things off right away and by the end of the semester they were engaged!  

Before they got engaged, Nikki went to Italy for 2 weeks with all her aunts and couldn't even really enjoy it because she was so love sick for him and missing him.  The day we all flew in from Italy, we got in at midnight.  We all knew Ethan was going to show up to surprise her and ride home with her from the airport but she didn't know it.  On our lay overs I talked her into letting me do her hair and makeup "for fun" and said we all had to be dressed cute for photos as we traveled home.  She made it till our last flight, went to the bathroom, washed her face, put on pajamas and pulled her hair up in a ponytail. hahaha!  She just had no idea.  She was so surprised when he was standing at baggage claim waiting for her.

It wasn't long after she got home that he wasn't going to wait any longer to make her his, and he took her up to Newton to "meet Grandpa Peck" who had helped raise Nikki. They walked around the graveyard, then decided to head up to see Newton Dam which holds a special place in Nikkis heart since it was somewhere Grandpa would drive us every Sunday after church.  Little did she know I was hiding up on a mountain side waiting for him to pop the question.  It was a perfect proposal day.

Ethan moved across the country for work and Nikki stayed to finish another semester of school. They did long distance for 4 months, but even with the distance they would still find the cutest ways to spend time with each other. Lots of phone calls, handwritten letters, cute surprise packages, and even dinner and movie nights all via FaceTime! Thank goodness for technology!

Now that they are back in the same state they can hardly be kept apart. He always has his arm around her wherever they go! They are just so cute together! I’m so excited for these two and their wedding this week! Congrats!