Stephanie Connor Birth Story//Utah Birth Photographer//Birth Stories


They texted me two days earlier to see if I'd be available to photograph their birth story for them.  I had two shoots scheduled already for that day they were having baby but we took the chance anyway that it would work out and I'm so glad we did!

She let me know she was in the hospital at a 4 on January 2nd at 2:30.  I figured I had quite a while to go, so I ate dinner, laid down to get a nap in case, and at 5:30 I texted to see how things were going. They said she had just jumped to a 10.  I jumped up so fast I knocked Vidia off my lap haha.  I ran our the door without letting anyone know where I was going.  Good thing Ashton knew I had a birth to shoot.

I got a text right as I got to the light by the hospital asking how close I was and that the Dr. was going to wait for me to get there.  Dr. Horsley is amazing and I always enjoy being part of a birth story he is in charge of.  He is funny, and always very supportive of the photographer, making sure we get all the great shots. He made sure I got all the needed shots before having her start pushing.  Only a couple pushes and out that sweet baby came.  There was a room full of excited grandmas and grandpas.

Stephanie wasn't feeling too great after and was feeling a little sick.  It was hard for her to hold baby so daddy got a lot of one on one time with the little princess.  Their little boy came in to see his sister and his face broke out into a big grin.  He was so adorable with her and even gave her some little kisses.  

It was so much fun getting to be a part of this day for them.  I never take for granted how amazing it is that these families call me and trust me with such an important day.

Can we just talk about how amazingly beautiful this mama is too!!!??