Singleton Nix Boise Wedding // Idaho Wedding Photographer

This is one of those weddings where I just haven't had the right words to put down to get the blog posted. I think I never felt it was quite the right time, and now it feels like the right time.  I got this wedding by accident. It was during the bad storm in Texas - she had hired a photographer from there, but she was unable to make it out of Texas in time.  I had met her sister and her mom from doing photoshoots with them before.  So I took off to Boise the next week and photographed their beautiful wedding.  It was a happy event, with a few touches of sad intermixed.  Her mom had been battling cancer and they were always on the cusp of wondering - wondering when the end would be near, if it would return, if if if...Well, this week they received the if news and my heart broke for this sweet family.  Their moms liver has failed and her kidneys are failing.  She is in NICU and sedated at this time.  She is not functioning on her own.  As Kristen wrote - "The road is nearing an end for mom, and we are preparing for this next step God has in hand for us." 

My heart goes out to this wonderful family, and a hope for peace and comfort. May their sweet mama rest in the peace she deserves.  She hugged me so tightly at this wedding, and thanked me so many times for showing up at such short notice.  She was so kind to me and I know this family will feel a devastating loss in their lives and their hearts. 


Kristen's story of the two of them:

Together with both of our families we have experienced both fun and tough times together….all of these things only made us grow closer together.

During the summer of 2015 Kristen’s mom Jamie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  The treatment plan was very intense and time consuming.  It took a toll on our entire family, but then there was Cody.  He had the strength and attitude that helped pull everyone together even on the bad days!  The day he texted and said “I’m meeting your mom for chemo and lunch” I knew he was the one I wanted to marry!

Marriage was a part of our conversation.  As a little girl you dream of what you want for your wedding, and since we were now in our 30’s … it was time!  I kept telling him, we aren’t getting any younger… and once again we always had an excuse.  First he was finishing college, then I was going back for my Master’s Degree, and then… and then… but ultimately I knew the day would come someday, and I was okay with that.

The engagement… I mean it was about time wasn’t it… We had been together for 3 ½ years already!  We had talked a lot more about it & we had even looked at rings together to figure out my style!  I wanted a traditional style ring… and I wanted HIM to pick it out.  I thought that he should know me well enough and know the things I love and I did not want to be part of choosing what, when, where, how, etc.  (I know weird since I am such a crazy planner!)

Through all of that, he was able to make the decision when he was ready… He put thought, love, and meaning behind it all!  And heck… he even went on a shopping trip with my dad to Cabela’s to ask him before! :)

Once the engagement happened I was in shock.  I was so excited… but we managed to keep it to ourselves for a few days so we could let our immediate friends and family know prior to sharing it on social media! Cody made a rule that I could not start planning until after the new year!  So I was anxiously looking on pinterest and secretly finding the things that I loved!  Once January 1st came around… it was full on planning! 

We decided it was Blue (his favorite color) and pink (my favorite color) and then we would use stained wood.  I wanted “classy” but yet “natural.”  I don’t love the word rustic, and I did not want any burlap or lace…. (with the exception of my dress!)  There were not countless hours stressed over ivory or white… and everything fell into place!  Before I went back to school from the Christmas Break we had everything reserved and ready to go!  :)  The next 9 months were definitely the longest 9 months of my life!