Big Cottonwood Canyon // Utah Weddings // Laughing to Loving

Tyler's dad always said, "There is a time and a season for all things." That always stuck with him. Especially with Brittney, he had to learn some serious patience!

He said he noticed her laugh right from the start and he "fell for her like that." Besides her looks, her laugh was his favorite thing about her. But she didn't fall that fast, it was "a year and a half later!" she said.

If you ask him, they were dating, but all the while she thought they were just friends. He told her a few times that he really liked her... she still wasn't sure where her heart was at and didn't want to lead him on if she wasn't ready to go down that path yet. In the meantime, Brittney's twin sister was praying things would work out between them. She thought they would be perfect for one another. Understandably, Tyler was scared to kiss Brittney because he didn't want to rush her but finally he built up the nerve to go for it.

One day after Brittney got back from her trip to Israel, he just showed up on her doorstep. He didn't say a single word, just walked up and kissed her. It was their first kiss and "the rest is history" they said.

"I just wish I had done it sooner, but she told me not to!"

At this first look shoot, she walked up behind Tyler and stood there talking to him with her hands in his. They were joking that she was making him wait so long to see her. She wrapped her arms around him and just stayed there talking to him before he turned around.

It. Was. Perfect.

Tyler is so good at making sure Britt is 100% happy and he's so attentive and sweet to her. He's good at picking photo locations too :)  I can NOT say enough good about this couple or this shoot.  I cried every time I photographed them.  This is what love should look like.  This is what love should feel like. 

Thanks you two for trusting me with such an important time in your life!  Can't wait to share your beautiful wedding day!  Sorry, photo overload coming your way!!

Huge thank you as always to my amazing second shooter Dycie Leishman