Allison & Mike Bridals // Logan, Utah Weddings

Allison and Mike are finally married and I couldn't be more happy for them! Its always fun getting to know my couples. Like how she loves his genuine kindness and the way he cares for everyone around him. She loves when he snuggles or hugs her because, "all is right in the world."

They keep each other smiling and laughing.  The love between them is perfect.  Mike has a very funny personality and keeps things fun for them both, and Allison is just incredibly sweet and caring. I knew when I met them both that we would be great friends. 

She told me that she tries to help Mike with things that stress him out- like house cleaning, packing, keeping his car clean (ummm come help me, Allison?!) 

When I asked Allison what her all time favorite moment was, she said it was when they were at Slide Rock and got in freezing cold water on a 34 degree day (Brrrr! Too cold for me.) Mike said his was when they got engaged- probably because he knew he'd get to look at her superstar looks forever! Lucky, lucky guy! His proposal by the way was about the cutest story ever!  You will have to stay tuned for their wedding post to hear that story though ;)

We almost got rained out for their bridal session, but we still managed to get some lovely shots of these lovebirds! The rain came down hard and heavy, but they still managed some beautiful smiles!  (I'm obsessed with her smile!) :)  Her parents are incredibly supportive and love to show up for Allison.  They came and held umbrellas between each shot for them.  Her dad made me miss my own, he was so funny and sweet. 

And her darling shoes she wore today for her wedding??  She has had them since High School and was waiting to wear them for her wedding day!  She is just the coolest person  - and the sweetest!


Associate Photographer Dycie Leishman