Oh baby // Logan Regional Hospital

I met Jami for the first time when I did the Birth Story for her oldest- Hollynd. Hollynd's birth was surrounded by a lot of emotion, a little sadness from the loss of Jami's mom just weeks before, and there was a sweet, quiet spirit that filled the room. Everly's birth was surrounded by a lot of laughter and fun. Both experiences were so special to be a part of.

Jami is one of the kindest people. She has one of the surest testimonies of God's love of anyone that I know, and she is unfalteringly faithful. She's an amazing example to me.

She kept me updated all morning and day and around 9 pm she was at a 7. They broke her water. and I headed over. Poor Jami had thrown up a few times but really was in great spirits when I came. She was happy, smiling, and joking a ton. Her mother-in-law, father-in-law and brother-in-law were all there to keep her company.

At 11 they said it was time for baby to come, so in came Dr. Horsley, who is fantastic and so funny. He had us all laughing so hard during the birth. Sweet little baby had the cord wrapped around her bum and neck and came out purple purple, but pinked up pretty fast. She had a good head of dark hair. And her parents were so excited and so full of smiles.

Here is the birth story in Jami's words:

"People told me that every pregnancy is different.

But I didn’t realize that applies to labor and delivery too.

My doctor told me I was going to have my baby on March 6th, because that’s the day I bet my husband I’d deliver and Dr. Horsley wanted me to win.


He was also going to be out of town until then and neither of us wanted me to have the baby without him there. When my husband Austin found out on Thursday that I was already a 3 and 80% effaced, he put me on bed rest till Monday when the Dr. got back. He made me eat dinner on the couch, wouldn’t let me get up to get my own water, and didn’t want me to clean. I mean, it was AWESOME.

Monday morning we grabbed all our go-bags for the hospital and headed to Logan Regional for my appointment with Dr. Horsley. He stripped my membranes, told me to go get breakfast and do some squats and he’d see me later that day.


Well I did squats, lunges, played at a bounce house with Hollynd, I walked and I walked and I lunged some more. But nothing. I could feel Braxton Hicks, I think? Maybe? But I was not going into labor. BOOO.

Finally at 4pm the hospital just told me to come in and they’d start Pitocin. When I got there I was almost a 5! Huh? And I was having contractions, big ones they said, but I couldn’t even feel them! Huh?

To say I was confused would be an understatement. I was on the floor in pain with contractions at a 4 with Hollynd, and this time they had to tell me when I was having a contraction? What the…

I stayed at a 5 for a couple hours and threw up a few times and then after a while I was an 8½. The nurse told me that if I feel any pressure, to ring the call button. I was like ok, sure. As soon as she left the room and Austin’s family came back in and started talking I could feel a lot of pressure.

I thought I was making it up. Of course.

I ignored it and then it happened again. I leaned over and told Austin that I was feeling pressure. I think he thought I was making it up too.

Finally after the third time I asked him to tell the nurse. She came back in and WHAT THE HECK?!


I had gone from an 8½ to a 10 in under 8 minutes. She started calling the doctor and getting everything prepped and I’m over here like,

“Hey babe will you go get me some milk from the cafeteria so I can dip my Oreos in it after I have her?”


The nurse stopped, looked at me and said, “Maybe you can send someone else? Because you’re going to have a baby in like 10 minutes.”

I scoffed. In my head of course. It was cute- that she thought I could push a baby out that fast.

With Hollynd the nurse thought I’d push her out in half an hour. Wrong. It took me almost two hours and then Dr. Horsley had to use the suction to help me.

I didn’t want to pop this super sweet nurse’s bubble, but I knew I was going to disappoint her. 10 minutes? HA.

Well Dr. Horsley came in and got all suited up. I thought… there must be nothing better to do tonight? He is going to be here a while. This is going to take some time, you guys!


They started counting, I started pushing, Dr. Horsley made jokes, I pointed out the dead bug stuck in the overhead light… and then all of a sudden he was telling me, “Ok, last push!”


It was literally 10 minutes. Exactly. From 11:04 to 11:14. The nurse was right, I was wrong. I pushed a baby out in freaking 10 minutes.

(Two weeks later and I'm still in shock)

(Update: 7 weeks later. Still in shock)

When she came out, the cord was wrapped around her neck, around her stomach and around her foot. Dr. Horsley was trying to untangle her without dropping her or tightening the cord around her neck. But she was slippery as heck.

My hands shot out to catch her and I almost blurted out, “Don’t drop her!” So glad I held that in though...


Then they handed her to me and I remembered why I believe in love at first sight. She was so tiny and precious and had her dad’s nose and these perfectly pouty lips. I had just barely laid my eyes on her and I didn't even know her yet. But I knew she was supposed to be ours and I couldn't wait to learn everything about her, snuggle her, and stare into those deep dark blue eyes. 

Austin asked, “Well, what is her name?”

Me, “Uhhhh, I don’t know!”

“Yea babe, you do. Just say it.”


Rewind to the night we found out she was a girl and I was laying bed thinking of all the names on my list that I didn’t even really like. Then all of a sudden "Everly" popped into my head. It wasn’t on any of my lists. But I liked it. I loved it actually! And I felt like she was supposed to be Everly. I whispered to Austin, he was asleep already. I tried to wake him up, nothing.

“Ok well, I want to name the baby Everly. If you agree, just don’t say anything.”

Long pause…

“Ok! It’s settled! Perfect. You talked me into it. Lets name her Everly!”

I spent the next 25 weeks trying to talk him into "Everly" and now I knew what he was telling me.


Everly Laine Rayfield

20 inches, 7 pounds and 13 ounces of itsy bitsy perfection.

She weighed the exact same as Hollynd, who weighed the exact same as Daddy.


Her middle name is after Austin’s grandma Elaine- the funnest, happiest, up-for-anything 90-year-old we know of.

I snuggled her on my chest and when I looked down, I saw the same ASL sign for "I love you" that Hollynd made. The same sign that my mom used to tell us she loved us when she couldn't speak any more. 

This little sweetie was passing on the same message."

Jami snapped this picture with her cell phone and sent it to me. I missed it! But she knew I'd want to see it this time too! 

Jami snapped this picture with her cell phone and sent it to me. I missed it! But she knew I'd want to see it this time too!