Utah Birth Story//Brielle Birth Story// Brigham City

Having a baby is always a challenging experience. Brielle’s birth was definitely far from easy!

2 days past her due date Brielle was finally able to head to the hospital and get ready to welcome her sweet little baby to this world! She went in at a 3 and stayed overnight. Finally at around 11:30 it was time to start pushing.

She was surrounded the whole time by a loving husband and wonderful mother. They were there to provide much needed love and support, cheering her on all the way!

She could feel all her labor which was very painful and difficult for her. Even with the pain meds and epidural. Her husband Bryant  was there the whole time by her side rubbing her legs and helping her push. Brielle wondered how she would be able to get through it all. Finally the anesthesiologist came and gave her more medicine which helped to cut the pain.

Even with the discomfort she kept a sense of humor. 

15 minutes before it was time to push:

“Bryant are you ready to be a Dad?

“Why? Because there is no stopping you having this baby?”

Brielle: “Well I don’t want to stay like this so…”

Brielle was such a trooper through all the pain. She kept needing to throw up but wasn’t able to. This was very frustrating to her but she kept pushing as hard as she could. Finally she was able to throw up which gave her the energy to push harder.

After a while of pushing she needed oxygen. She was so brave and calm through it all. She didn’t even cry! The doctor was amazing and everyone was so calm, patient, and caring.  Bryant was able to catch the baby as she came out, and hand her to Brielle, it was a tender moment. They spent a little time holding baby girl and cuddling her, before we could tell something was wrong.  Brielle was still in a lot of pain, and she didn't look like she felt well at all. 

Her face went white as a sheet and she looked as if she was going to pass out.  The placenta was having a hard time coming out.  They laid her back, put oxygen on her and the room suddenly filled up with doctors and nurses everywhere.  She was bleeding heavy, and wasn't completely coherent.  The room was a hustle and bustle of everyone taking care of her as fast as they could. I looked over at her sweet mother and saw she was crying. I asked if she was okay and the tears flooded harder as she shook her head. “We can’t lose her” she was saying. It was a tense moment that felt much longer then it was. The doctor gave her a hug and assured her all would be fine. 

I am so grateful for all the wonderful fast working doctors.

By the end of it all Brielle was so tired and worn out and just wanted to sleep, so we didn’t finish our regular birth story shoot. I promised her we would do a lifestyle session together when she got home from the hospital instead.  Baby girl had to stay in the hospital on Oxygen for a little while, so it's taken some time to get a chance to go do our lifestyle shoot, but it's finally happening this week and I am so excited to see them all again!

Both mom and baby were true fighters all the way!