Cherry Peak Family Photography // Richmond // Utah

This is my brother Shalee and his sweet wife, Jill. One perk of being a photographer is getting to take all of your siblings' pictures. And trying to get your brother to give you a real smile. Haha. He says this IS his real smile, which is actually true.  Pretty much his whole life this has been his smile - except that when you get him usually turns into the funniest face!  He is notorious for pulling faces.  All the time.  We all took off out to Cherry Peak to get some pretty colors and backdrops. It was a great location for what they wanted! Their two kids are so cute and sweet, even with each other!! Little Twila LOVES her big brother, and snuggles him up every chance she gets. 

Thanks for picking me Shalee, makes up for all the times you picked ON me ;)