Payson Temple Wedding, Utah // Antelope Island Bridals

Ashley and Kyle's story started out like so many others- through an LDS dating site. But that's where it takes its own turn and becomes their unique story. Ashley cancelled their first date because she was sick, but of course Kyle didn't believe her, not until she called to apologize and he heard her voice at least. He decided to try again and asked her to a drive-in movie. Ashley says, "We went to Walmart and got some snacks- when he let me pick out as many as I wanted, I knew I could like him." Good call Kyle, good call. 

Ashley told Kyle she wouldn't steady date him for a while, "but after about one month he broke me down and I agreed to be his girlfriend." It wasn't long until she got to pick out her ring- and some days she would beg to wear it and he'd give in. But Kyle did make her wait for his real proposal- during a picnic together. When he did ask... she thought he was just teasing. "I kept asking if he was serious."

Once she agreed to marry him, she was ready to eat. I mean, they were at a picnic, ya know? Well, his bag of food was empty! HAHA

Kyle and Ashley both agree that they've never been treated as well as they treat each other. They both love their sweets, the gym, Disney movies and their dog, Barkley. 

We know that everyone, and especially a bride, wants to see their edited images as soon as possible. You're so excited to see them, I'm so excited to show you! That's why we always try to have images back within a 2-4 week window.  Ashley had these gorgeous images back within just TWO weeks!  And let's just take a moment and talk about her dress!  SOOO gorgeous! Thanks for letting me be a part of such a special day for you two!  I'm so happy for the love you have found together.


Here are some of our very favorites from their bridal session- it was hard to narrow it down! We went to Antelope Island and it was amazing. The sky was a painter's dream and the contrasting colors of the sky and rocks were absolutely stunning. 


DJ: Groom's brother- Thadius

Makeup/hair artist: Jaci Latham Comrie 

Wedding Coordinator - Mickey - mother of the bride

2nd shooter Dycie Leishman