Sarah + Jeremiah Wedding Day //Logan Temple // Shanda Call

These two are such incredibly kind people. And I’ve heard that when choosing a spouse, “choosing someone kind will solve a lot of problems.” If that is true, then I’m pretty sure it will be smooth sailing for Sarah and Jeremiah! 

I got to cover the temple footage for this cute couple and they were so photogenic and happy that it made my job easy! You could see the sheer joy radiating from their faces, and it just multiplied when they looked at each other!

Sarah met Jeremiah at a singles ward (See! It really can work!) She admits that she fell in love with him a lot quicker then he fell in love with her. He admits that “everything takes him a little bit more time.” 

She is from a little town close to Newton and he is from Soda Springs, Idaho. I’m so glad they found each other because they are crazy cute together! He is mad about her and it shows in everything he does and says when he’s with her. Thank you for letting me enjoy this beautiful day with you! 

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