Baby Navy//Birth Story at Logan Regional Hospital//Shanda Call

Heather has been a boy momma for a little while now. Three boys in a row and finally she got her little girl! Her boys all came really fast, so naturally she expected little Navy too also. But… she was a little more stubborn and clearly had other plans. Haha!

When Heather had progressed to a 3, they started her on Pitocin hoping to get things moving along faster. But, it started giving her the shakes pretty bad and she got a little nervous that things weren't moving as quickly as it had with her boys. She labored at a 5 for a while and had to be moved around a couple times because the contractions weren't registering well. 

Luckily her sister and husband were there to keep her (and the rest of us) laughing throughout it all. They talked about the Friends TV show and loads of other things to keep Heather’s mind off it all. We laughed a ton, which is pretty great considering what she was going through! 

All of a sudden she said, “I think I feel the baby, hurry call the nurse.” Of course it was 2 minutes after the nurse had already come in to check on her. She joked that she was probably wrong and it was probably nothing. Well when the nurse came to check her again, sure enough baby Navy was ready! They called the Doctor (McCulloch) and she hurried over. 

In the meantime, the nurse asked Heather to sit up. Heather said no! “I'm staying right here because when I sit up she's going to come.” She stayed where she was and didn’t dare do a practice push because of how fast her babies come. As soon as the Doctor got there, Heather pushed ONE TIME and little Navy came out.

The cord was wrapped around her neck but still, all was well. She let out a few cries and then was quiet and sweet. She was very wide-eyed and curious about everything around her. Her daddy could not stop kissing her, and Heather was right at home, being from a family of lots of girls, she was so happy to have one of her own to join the ranks of boys at home.