Ashton + Daniel // Tony's Grove Engagement // Shanda Call

These two have known each other their whole life, although they didn’t always like each other. They were in the same ward and he was friends with Ashton’s brother, so he was at her house a lot. She thought he was mean. That was, until he “grew up” and got nicer! They dated for a little bit before he left on his mission and she decided to write Daniel while he was gone. He thought she was sweet in her letters and, getting to know her a little during our shoot- she is the sweetest!

They never noticed their height difference until they got engaged and people started to comment on it. They thought they were “awkward” during photos- if only I could look as good as they do when I’m awkward! 

Ashton is going to school and studying Special Ed. Daniel says he can't decide at the moment which direction he wants to take. Wherever life and school takes them, I’m sure he will still tease her and she will just shake her head and laugh. They love nature, camping, hiking and obviously each other. 

They are so cute and comfortable together and we had a lot of fun taking their photos at Tony's Grove.

The sky and the moon were beautiful that evening and we chased the light and found great spots until the sun went down and we got this beautiful silhouette! 

I can't wait to post their wedding pictures soon!  Happy Wedding Day you two!

HUGE shout out to my best sidekick assistant Dycia Leishman! Love that girl!