Kylee & Jordan Engagements 2016 // Providence Canyon // Cache Valley Wedding photographer

Kylee Mckee entered my contest for a free Engagement shoot drawing and won!  And boy am I glad she did! She and Jordan were so gorgeous together.  He would smile, and she would laugh, he’d touch her hand and she’d snuggle into him.  They were so natural together.  She shines when she is with him.  They get married today, and I’m so excited to photograph their day for them.  


The details of my contest said that I would get to choose the location that I wanted to shoot at.  I love to try new places out and I get a lot of requests for the same locations, so it was fun to do my own thing :)  They were awesome and went with it, letting me have complete control.  I wanted to do photos at sunset and get that warm yummy light coming through, washing all over them - and it didn’t let us down.  Congratulations you two!!  Hope today is everything you've dreamed it would be :)