Christie Heywood Birth Story// Logan Regional Hospital // Shanda Call Birth Stories

Christie Heywood is a fantastic photographer herself, so it was a privilege when she asked me to photograph the birth of her baby girl.  

She called me in the early morning when she went to the hospital but was not dilated very much, so I told her to keep me in the know and keep contacting me throughout.  She texted me at 9:58am that she was getting her epidural and felt she was close so I better come.  I jumped in my car and headed to the hospital.  As I came down the hall, there was a friend outside the door who said "better hurry, they are all in there!"  She had gone so quickly after the epidural and things were moving very fast.  I hurried in, ran up to the head of the bed and got in place ready to start photographing. I got there right in time. 6 pushes, 2 contractions and out came her gorgeous baby girl! It all happened so fast!  She was absolutely perfect and pink.  

Not too long after things in the room settled down, Christies two sons came in very excited to see their baby sister.  And to give mom a couple snuggles.  Their little excited faces were my favorite. They just kept kissing her and staring at her.  She's one lucky little girl to have two big brothers to watch over her. 

With everything going so quickly, I didn't get a lot of time to get to know Christie and her husband, but I was super glad to be there and be a part of this beautiful day, to see how excited they were for their first little girl and see them snuggle her right up.  Congratulations you guys!!