Kira + Bracken Engagements // Private Property in the mountains // Shanda Call

This couple is so down to earth and so crazy about each other. Bracken and Kira are both a little shy but they opened up after a little while and we captured some really sweet moments between them! 

I loved watching Bracken be so sweet and gentle with Kira. He is crazy about her. Which is easy to understand because Kira is a beautiful, happy soul and she lit up my camera! 

This shoot was extra fun because we rode around on 4-wheelers for the shoot! It was all on Bracken’s private owned family property. It was up in the mountains and so pretty and so peaceful! Most of the locations required a little drive on the 4-wheeler to get there, but I didn’t mind one bit!

Bracken gets to marry Kira tomorrow, and I can’t wait to show you her bridals and wedding shots after that! She is so absolutely stunning!

Thanks Dycie Leishman for assisting on this photo shoot!  She's amazing!