Willow Park Circle Ceremony // Kari + Jeff Wedding // Shanda Call photography

Kari and Jeff say they don’t have the “most romantic” love story, but hey. If it works, it works! At first she didn’t want to give him a chance- they met online and their first date was a disaster. But, she was intrigued and the two quickly became best friends. They talked on the phone every night for 3 hours and he was so good with her daughter that it made her fall even deeper in love with him. 

He psyched himself out for the proposal though. His big plans to do it at the Bluebird Restaurant all seemed too overwhelming and instead he proposed after they got home and it was just the two of them. Kari says, “It was so romantic and sweet, I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

And let me tell you, Jeff is madly in love with Kari. MADLY in love with her. He just can’t help but stare at her. He is so kind and is constantly smiling when he is with her. 

Kari looked amazing in her champagne pink dress (my first Champagne pink dress and I LOVED it!!!) from David’s Bridal. Jessica did her hair and makeup and the florist was Elsa Nixon. Everything looked beautiful and Kari was so excited about it all. 

For their first look, Kari wanted to write letters to each other. Syna Harris was their videographer and talked them into reading the letters out loud to each other. It was so tender and sweet, then they turned around to see each other, and he could not stop staring at her - his eyes wouldn't even leave her you guys. It was pure joy if I’ve ever seen it! 

Her little girl Kyrstin was so excited to get dressed up (she even wanted a ring just like mom’s!) and when she saw her mom walking down the aisle, she was so excited that she ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. It was such a sweet moment. 

It was my first circle ceremony, and it was beautiful! They had at Willow Park by the river and everyone stood in a circle, arm to arm, during the ceremony. It was absolutely beautiful! Her sister officiated for them and shared beautiful words of wisdom for their marriage.  Tears were shed and I loved seeing them surrounded by such a small, intimate group of people who absolutely love them. As if that wasn’t all wonderful enough, at the end, everyone in the circle threw handfuls of lavender over them.

They had a gorgeous luncheon and reception at the Blue Bird Restaurant and partied the night away with their close friends and family. At the end of the night, their pretty cake (made by Grace Harvell) got knocked over and fell on the floor, but not to worry! In perfect Kari and Jeff fashion, they just laughed about it and kept on enjoying the night. And get this- they gave the guests boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts as they left! This is a testimony to how sweet they are - they are seriously so thoughtful and kind.