Engagements at Benson Marina // Lauren + Brandyn // Shanda Call Photography

Meet Lauren and Brandyn -the most amazing couple and one of the most fun engagement sessions I have ever done. They were so laid back and easy going, but at the same time hilarious and constantly joking with each other. I’d have to say they are the funniest couple I have ever photographed! Up for any ideas I suggested to them and so willing to just have fun with it.

Brandyn would have us all in stitches and then switch gears and turn on the charm for the camera. We captured some of the most beautiful images with him and Lauren. 

These two love each other immensely. You can just tell by the way they talk to and about each other, how sweet and considerate they are to each other. Their love was easy to capture in these images since it practically gushed out of them!

At the same time that they were sweet and loving to each other, they would poke fun and joke with each other non-stop. I have seriously never laughed so hard on a shoot as I did with these two lovebirds. 

We shot these images at Benson Marina. It was storming that day so we almost cancelled the whole thing due to lightning warnings! But we all decided to be adventurous and just deal with the wind and the rain anyway. I'm glad we did because it turned out to be one of my favorite shoots!  I'm a huge fan of stormy sessions and couples who will brave it!

We spent a lot of time laughing through the wind, it was so crazy and gusts would about knock us over - we laughed so hard. 

I can’t wait to post their wedding pictures next month and share their story with you. So stay tuned for more of these gorgeous people! Thank you to my amazing associate photographer Dycie Leishman, who is so consistent in helping me capture such perfect moments! I love her a million!

Hair and Makeup by Emily Brodock