Riter Mansion Wedding // Hyekyoung + Justin // Finding love abroad


This wedding at the Riter Mansion was darling. They asked me a couple of weeks before the big day to come and capture a few moments for them. I’m so glad they did! She is the cutest person I have ever met - it was her wedding day and she kept complimenting ME! Just the kind of sweet bride I love! So thoughtful and kind. She was so excited for me to take all of her photos and smiled so big all morning.

When I arrived, she was getting ready, and she was absolutely stunning. Syna Harris was her stylist and totally nailed it. Per usual. Her custom made dress (by Morilee) was the perfect fit for her body and was so flattering on her cute figure! Her flowers arranged by Lees’s were AMAZING! And their rings were from a custom jeweler in Korea called Revga. This wedding held such elegant and stunning taste! She was beaming with happiness and beautiful as could be. I knew my job would be easy.

Hykeyoung met Justin when he was traveling abroad with USU in Korea, and as they say: "The rest is history!" On their wedding day, he was so eager to be sure that everything was the way she hoped it would be. Everything perfect. He was super attentive all day to what she wanted and the photos she wanted to take.  

They were seriously darling together. He was happy to be there and she was a lot of fun to shoot. She just had the cutest personality! I’m so glad I got to capture these moments for them on their perfect day!

I had a double wedding this day, I was already booked for my beautiful bride Emily's wedding (her wedding can be seen  here) But Hyekyoung called me and said she had seen my images and really wanted me to photograph her wedding. Well I couldn't say no, so I worked it out so that I could make it to hers in the morning to take all her getting ready images and bridals, and my wonderful associate photographer Dycie Leishman took over for the ceremony and family pictures while I ran off for my other wedding.  I am so so glad it worked out!  I LOVED getting to know this beautiful couple!