Siera & Sage Baby Bergen // Logan Regional Hospital // Logan Birth Photographer

There is nothing more beautiful then watching life enter the world.  Hearing that first precious cry.  Seeing the happy tears roll down a new mothers face.  Watching as her husband is in awe at the new life before him, the tiny fingers and toes.  Watching them be a family.  My heart bursts every time.

I got lucky this month and had 3 birth sessions in a row - over the course of 3 days!  That's a lot of baby love!  I couldn't have enjoyed it more - and the timing for each baby was perfect!

Siera started out my week of babies with little Bergen - 8lbs 191/2 inches - born at 3:54am - after a long labor! Siera is one tough beautiful mama!

Siera texted me around 6pm on June 27th and said the doctor would be coming to break her water.  I told her to let me know when she was at a 6. At almost 11 she was finally at a 6, and I headed to the hospital.  When I got there she had a room full of loved ones all very anxious to meet little Bergen.  They kept Siera laughing, rubbed her feet, and made sure she was comfortable.  Her husband was very attentive, making sure she had ice chips and was happy.  Siera is absolutely gorgeous!  And she smiles a lot :)  She is the type of person you love being around.  

As the labor progressed, she began feeling a little nauseous and tired.  At about midnight they said she was at a 10 and ready to start pushing.  The baby was doing really well moving down until about 2am, and then she had started moving back up.  Sierra needed to move to her side to push at this time and let baby do some moving to get face down.  Siera also needed a little oxygen.  Between each contraction her husband Sage caught a few moments of shut eye and then hopped right up and was beside her for every contraction to hold her hand and encourage her on.  He was so tender with her and kept rubbing her feet, legs and forehead.  He was very quick to be sure she was comfortable and had everything she needed. Siera got more and more tired as the night went on, and finally at 3:30 the doctor came in and started working on getting little Bergen to move and come out.  That first cry was such a tender moment.  Because the baby had swallowed meconium, there was quite the rush to clean her up and clear her out, and then she was handed over to mom and dad for some sweet snuggles! Siera's mom and cousin peeked into the room as the baby was getting cleaned up - everyone was so excited to see the baby.  The love all around was absolutely tangible.  I'm so glad I was able to be there to witness it all!  Thank you Siera for trusting me with your day!