Falling in love over Jamba Juice // Karri & Marlin Engagements // Shanda Call Photography

Marlin & Karri met at Marlin's place of work, Jamba Juice.  Karri had known of him for about a year and a half previous to their first date. They would talk briefly as he would make her order at Jamba. Karri had always thought he was kinda cute and wanted at least a friendship with him.

He made her order wrong one day and Karri used that as her opportunity to ask him out. She called him up and said “You made my order wrong. But on a side note, would you like to get together sometime?”.  That gives you a little taste of Karri's spunky personality!

That was May 15, 2015. They have been together every day since that first date. It took only a week before they became an official couple. His family loved Karri from day 1 - but who wouldn't!

 After dating for only a month, his mother thanked her for dating him. She said she had seen such a drastic change in him since their first date. He was much happier and didn’t yell as much! Haha. Which meeting Marlin, it's hard for me to believe he was ever a yeller - he is such a sweet guy!

They dated for the rest of the year and then he proposed to her on Jan 1, 2016. Karri had been sick all week (and was still sick), hadn’t showered, was still in pjs and had no bra on. She felt like she looked awful! You know it’s real love when he proposes to you looking like that! He proposed with his great grandma Elizabeth Pruitt’s ring. He said, “Now you know how much my family loves you!” They really wanted her to stick around!  And once you meet her, you know why - she is the sweetest girl, with the most beautiful big smile!  And she laughs so easy!

I am so happy for the two of you and can't wait to photograph your wedding today at Carmelle!  It's been so fun getting to know you!

Thank you to my wonderful Associate photographer Dycie Leishman for assisting on this shoot!