Emily & Tim Engagements// Tony's Grove Winter Engagements // Shanda Call Photography

When he looks at her his eyes light up, and she melts into him. He makes her laugh and she makes him smile. Not just a little smile, the kind that goes from ear to ear.

By the way she takes his hand, and lets him pull her close to him, wrapping her up in his love, you would never guess that when she first met him, she didn't like him. Not just at first, but for the first 4 months that she knew him while working with him, she knew she did NOT like him at all. When he left for a month, and was gone - away from her space, she started realizing she might actually like this kid. Not just like him...she had stronger feelings for him. 

Beautiful shot by my associate photographer Dycie Leishman

Photo by my associate photographer Dycie Leishman

She began writing to him and they wrote letters back and forth. Two weeks after he came back they started dating. Emily knew that she never wanted to leave him when she was with him, but she didn't know if he was the ONE. Tim knew she was the one with the first letter he received from her.  In August of 2015 Emily moved away to go to college, she realized she hated life without him and didn't want to spend any more time apart, he was the one she wanted to be with every day. 

This amazingly beautiful Ring from Jerriks - I'm in love with it!

It got colder and colder as our shoot went on later and later at Tony's Grove, but these two danced, tickled, laughed and fully embraced one another in the moment.  Seeing them wrapped up together, enjoying every moment together would warm anyone’s heart!  Emily and Tim, I loved spending this day with the two of you, you were so much fun to be with and watching the two of you together was absolutely perfect!  Thank you for braving the cold and snow with me and for letting me be a part of your love story.

Photo by my amazing associate photographer Dycie Leishman - Great shot Dyc!

Emily my dear, you are stunningly beautiful!  It was such a privilege to photograph you two for your engagements! Can't wait for your wedding Saturday!  You won't want to miss their first look photos on Saturday - stay tuned!

Wedding Ring: Jerriks
Second shooter: Associate photographer Dycie Leishman