In that moment // Jessica & Nate Utah Wedding // Shanda Call

Magical are the moments when a person enters our life out of nowhere and suddenly means the world to you. Unpredictable, unexpected and yet absolutely perfect moments that grow and develop into a lifetime of friendship, love and devotion.  Love can be the most incredible thing you didn't know you needed. 

Meet Nate and Jessica! I was asked to photograph their wedding day just a couple weeks before the wedding.  Something happened with the photographer they had lined up and I was lucky enough to get to step in! We only got to know each other briefly, for a quick shoot after the ceremony, but these two were so much fun and their families were so kind and fun to be with!

These two found each other while Nate was serving a mission for the LDS church in California where Jessica lived. Jess was invited over to a friends house where the LDS missionaries, Nate being one of them, were having a meeting. Jessica was investigating the church, and continued receiving lessons from another companionship of missionaries. She chose to be baptized, and at her baptism, Nate played the violin. 

" And for that one moment while the music plays, you know who you are and everything you wish to be.

     -Kellie Moore

I think it's amazing how one quality of a person can make you suddenly realize the feelings of your heart! How all the love songs you hear sound a little different, make your stomach full of butterflies, and make it almost impossible to stop that giddy smile from spreading on your lips just one more time!

Jessica discovered her feelings for Nate in that moment while he shared his love and talent for playing the violin. She started writing letters to Nate, and through these letters they were able to know each other more and more. Nate was still on his mission however, so there wasn't much room for their relationship to grow until after his mission was complete and he returned home to Utah.

Jessica took a leap of faith and made a trip to Utah to see Nate and to see where their relationship would go. It turns out their friendship was just the beginning of their love story. "It was never awkward... It was just meant to be.

 -Nate and Jessica


Love happens in some of the rarest moments of our lives. But those moments become memories that last forever in our hearts.  The moments you look back on and can't help but smile, because in those seconds your life stood still as your heart raced forward.

Congratulations Nate and Jessica! Thank you for sharing your love story with us!