Mothers Day Giveaway Winners

CONGRATULATIONS!!  This is THE BIGGEST give away I have ever done and I am SOOO excited about it!

 We had such an awesome turn out, thanks to everyone who participated! We drew two winners - One for a birth story/lifestyle session photoshoot and one for the Lifestyle session/stylist/video shoot.  

And the winners are.....

Birth Story Session + Maternity session: HEATHER LEISHMAN! (Message me to let me know when you are due!)

Lifestyle Session + makeup + Video: LUCIE LEE (Message me to find a time that will work!)   

Congratulations to both of you! I'm so excited for you! 

BIG BIG Thank you to Syna Harris ( And Tia Celise ( for being so generous for this drawing.  Send them big shout outs, lots of love and follow their amazing work!


If you entered, you WON! I have a secret.  I hate contests.  Because I never won contests when I entered them, and I always wanted to.  So, because of that, I think everyone who took the time to enter deserves to win some beautiful images! 

 I will be holding a mini shoot day on May 13th from 6-8pm.  (if you are unable to make it that day, I am so sorry. There will be no reshoot dates available)

 Come have a treat and get your maternity photo, photos with your kiddos, or a quick family photo :)  (Let me know by email if we are doing maternity, kiddos or family)

Everyone will receive 3-5 digital images.  There is no cost to these :)  This is a Micro session, each shoot will be about 5-7 mins in length.  Location to be announced (It will be somewhere in Cache Valley).  

Please email me at with a time between 6-8pm that works for you to come for your shoot.  I look forward to seeing you all!

FOR THOSE NOT IN CACHE VALLEY: Please email me your address!  I haven't forgotten about you and I have a little something for you too.  And when you come to Utah I hope you will look me up so we can get together!

If you share the images on social media I ask that you tag @shandacall for photo credit :)  Thank you!!

*This is NOT a full shoot session, this will be quick photos, and interaction with your family/kids. If you would like to book a full session to be able to receive a full session of images, let me know and we can get it on the books!