Life Documented. // The Mom Photographer life. // An honest view from my lens.

I have a confession.  As much as I love photography and photographing others.  I hate being in front of the camera myself.  And I don't document enough of the real moments of my life.  This is because I'm always waiting.  Waiting to be skinnier.  Waiting for a nicer home instead of my remodel home.  Waiting for my kids to be dressed for the day.  Waiting for my self esteem to be higher.  Waiting for my girls to act perfect for photos.  Waiting for my hair to grow longer.  Waiting for that perfect moment.  And in all my waiting, I realized I was missing so much.  Missing these precious moments that my babies are at a fun age.  Learning, growing, being silly, enjoying being with me before they decide they are too old to hang out with mom.  These little ones don't care if the house is a mess, if I'm skinny or not, if they are dressed to a T for the day.  They only care that I love them, and that I give them my time.  My friend In boise Idaho Charlotte Gardunia ( is one of my very best friends - we've been friends since the diaper days.  She is a documentary and lifestyle photographer. What's the difference? A documentary photographer doesn't dictate any of the shoot, they come in and capture you doing what you do, in the environment you are in, and they are super talented at making it look amazing, and making moments look amazing without telling you what to do.  They are fast and capture the perfect moment quickly and beautifully.  A lifestyle photographer does a lot of watching for that perfect moment too, but will use a little more on hands approach just to give a little direction to the shoot and finesse it a little more :) More on that tomorrow :)

I have always wanted to have a documentary session done with how I interact with my children in our every day moments, so I can have it to remember always.  The little things like changing bums, brushing hair, chasing them around the house, getting them off the table for the 100th time, messy faces, taking clothes off, cooking, crying.  All of this makes up my life.  Makes up who I am, and I don't have time to wait for everything to be perfect to document those moments.  Thank you Charlotte for reminding me of the important moments in my life.  Those moments where I'm me. mom. wife. friend. Shanda.  And thank you for this priceless session of crazy with my little loves. I still want those outdoor photos where we are all together looking respectable hanging on my walls, but I need one of these -not perfect, messy moments, to document my life with my family every year!

My heart if full. 

My life is documented.

THIS is real life.