Happy Birthday Jade // Utah Birth Photographer // Shanda Call

It was April Fools day one year ago, I usually hate April Fools day, but last year was different :)  I got a call from Lucie Lee saying she was in labor and headed to the hospital.  I thought she was kidding, so I said, sure.  Then she said, no really, I'm in labor.  We laughed a little and I headed to the hospital to document their birth story at Logan Regional Hospital. We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the hospital waiting for this beautiful baby to come.  Lucie was so relaxed and in good spirits other then the painful contractions here and there.  She laughed and smiled and visited with family for the most part.  When it was time for baby girl to come, there were a few hard moments, but Clint - Lucie's husband- was by her side and giving her loving support every step of the way.  Lucie showed the sweetest emotion through the birth and shed some tears full of so much love.  It was such an experience to witness how much love was in that room.  Happy Birthday baby girl!

This birth story was published in a magazine with Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy here: 
Page 156-160 :)