Logan Utah birth story // Holli Ivie Walton // Shanda Call Photography

Holli's best friend Jamie Younker is a beautiful photographer, and normally would have been the one documenting her birth story, but Jamie was in a play and wasn't able to be there, so Holli asked me if I would do it. I was very honored and excited.  Birth stories make my heart grow 10 sizes ;)  

When I got the call at about 9:45pm that she was in labor and at a 6, I rushed to the hospital, since I've had mom's go from a 6 to ready to push in no time flat, but that wasn't the case for Holli. 

Poor Holli was in labor for a LONGGG time.  We were at the Hospital from 10pm - 3:30am when she finally had him.   I felt so bad for her, but seriously, she smiled the WHOLE time - with only an occasional grimace - mostly whenever there was a needle involved ;) .  She kept us laughing with her bubbly personality. I think this was my first all nighter I've pulled in my whole life.  Seriously. I was always the first one to fall asleep at parties. But it was such a perfect all nighter. Holli was so much fun and her fun personality was contagious.  

Her husband, sister in law, and mom were all there for the party, and they were all so sweet and made it such a fun night.  Her sister in law was so caring and massaged her feet and back with oils to keep her feeling comfortable and happy. Her husband kept her smiling, and feeling at ease.  And her mom is the sweetest!

At a little after 3 Holli started getting pretty cold, and the nurse said it was time to get the Dr. and the room filled up with everyone getting ready for baby.  By 3:33 Ezra Oliver Walton made his debut. I really don't remember little Ezra crying much after he was born. He cried for a moment then was very curious about everything around him and looked around wide eyed, even snuggled against mom, he kept looking around.  Watching his daddy with him was absolutely perfect, those are always my favorite moments.  The room was full of love, and I enjoyed every moment of it!