Conner + Madi Engagements // Silver Lakes // Storm Mountain // Shanda Call Engagements

Oh my gosh. Talk about having a hard time narrowing down my favorites! Conner & Madi were so freakin cute together that every image was frame worthy! Their love is so adorable and real and giddy that I would snap pictures in between and catch the very best moments! 

They have the cutest story too! They met at a hot tub at BYU- she was with someone else and Conner asked "Are you guys serious?" Madi's date said yes. She nodded no. HAHA.

They both love animals- like obsessed with them. He proposed in Oregon at a wildlife reserve, and she thought he might propose that day, but then couldn't find any clues to a ring box anywhere on him. They went to the elephant exhibit, she got to learn how to train an elephant and when the elephant was handing her a basket, inside was the ring. WHAT!? BEST STORY EVER!

Conner is seriously crazy about Madi. He's going to school to be a dentist and she's doing veterinary school. They found me on Instagram and said they liked the feel of my images. 

We shot at Silver Lakes and Storm Mountain and luckily, they were both willing to do a little climbing for a few of these shots, the rocks look amazing, amiright?! And her ring....

So many things I loved about this session! Thanks for making it so fun you guys! 

Associate photographer who captures some of these amazing shots right along side me!  She's my favorite second shooter ever! Dycie Leishman