Black Fork Canyon // Family Photography // Logan, Utah

This cute family is going to be a party of 6 soon! And if you want to know what they are having you will have to scroll to the bottom to see!!!  Woot woot! We all got together to take some pictures of their family of 5 before their next addition joins them. Mom and dad hadn't told the kids yet, so they wrote it on a sign to hold up during one of the photos of just the kiddos - and their reactions were priceless haha!  It took them a moment, and then they each reacted differently and it made me burst out laughing! The excitement took a moment to sink in, and then they were all smiles and asking questions.

I loved the bright bold colors they wore and their family dynamics. Mom is so beautiful and had everyone looking perfect! Dad kept it fun for everyone with his silly faces - this guy does not do serious and his kids LOVE it and eat it up.   We seriously had a great time!

No two sessions of mine are the same because no two couples or families are the same.  Each have their individual personalities, and I like to capture that in an authentic way. I want you to be yourself in front of my camera. I will give little suggestions to make it connect better, but other then that little direction I give, the best images happen between you and yours naturally.

So now are you curious what the beautiful baby's gender is going to be???

xoxo, Shanda


It's a BOY!!!!!  

Congratulations you guys!  So exciting to have two boys and two girls!