Bethany Reed Family // Tony's Grove // Shanda Call Photography

It is such a pleasure (and a necessity, really) to have trusted, real friends in this industry. Bethany is just that for me. We decided to trade pictures- I took her family photos and she took mine and both turned out really really good! She is great behind the camera AND in front of it (which is more than I can say! I do not like being in front of the camera!) 

We headed up to Tony's Grove and the colors were still bright and rich and turned out so pretty in the pictures! And her little baby girl has the most squeezable big cheeks! She was darling and we got a lot of smiles out of her! 

Bethany and I both did our schooling at USU in photography and I loved getting to know her fun quirky personality. She always kept things fun in class. I'm so thankful to have such an amazing friend and equally amazing photographer in my life.  Love you Bethany!