Extended Family Photos // Providence, Utah

Extended family shoots are some of my very favorite! There are so many personalities and faces and colors to capture and I just get to laugh and giggle with them as we take all of these frame-worthy pictures. Its amazing to me to see the legacy that one couple falling in love can create, and that's what extended family sessions are all about. 

This is Syna's family and you guys, I LOVE SYNA! She is my right wing gal and I love her work AND I love working with her. She does it all! From hair, to makeup, to false lashes, to videography!! And she's the most honest person I know!  She always says it how it is. Check out all her pretty things on her site.

These guys were hilarious and when dad pulled out the motorcycle, got on and started picking his teeth dramatically in the rearview mirror- I could easily tell where they got it from. They were so fun to be around! The whole family was! Syna seriously scored in the in-law department, amiright?!