Giveaway Winner: Abigail + Benjamin Engagements // Bear Lake // Shanda Call Photography

Abigail was the lucky winner of my Engagement Session Drawing and we had a great time together on location at Bear Lake!

When I asked Abigail how her and Benjamin met she said, “We met through Tinder, he super liked me haha!”

I’m not gonna lie… I had to ask a friend what “super like” means on Tinder- apparently it is a pretty big deal! You have something like 5 “super likes” so you have got to choose them wisely! And it seems like Benjamin did ;)

He proposed to Abigail in the middle of a hailstorm when they were kissing in the rain. She said yes and they are so happy together! This girl is crazy about her boy!

It’s so fun for me to see all these happy, young couples starting a new adventure together, these two were super cute and I really enjoyed spending this time with them! I super liked them ;) We had the most amazing skies with the most amazing colors throughout the night as it got later and later.  Simply AMAZING!  Happy wedding day this week you two!