Carrisa & Donnie Dominy // Baby Macklyn Logan Hospital // Birth Stories

Carrisa found me through a mom’s group on Facebook and I’m so glad she did! She and her husband are so kind and so sweet and I was thrilled to be part of this life-changing day for them! I seriously LOVE birth stories you guys!

I got a text from her at 10pm on September 15th and she said she was headed to the hospital. She told me she was only at a 3 but 90% effaced, so they were going to keep her overnight. I had her send me texts with any changes and at 6am in the morning she texted she was at a 7- but they were waiting for her water to break. She felt like we still had plenty of time and it was all going realllllly slow. I thought the baby would probably come pretty fast after Carissa’s water broke, so I got up and showered and got ready to go.

Around 8am I got a text that her water had broken, but that she still felt like it was going slow. I told her I was going to head over anyway just to be safe. About 10 minutes later she texted me that, sure enough, labor was picking up fast and they were having her start pushing. I quickly hurried in! 

Her husband, Donnie, coached her through the birth so sweetly and patiently, giving encouragement and love, feeding her ice chips and encouraging her through it all. She had complete trust in him and they would lock eyes as he coached her through her breathing. He'd whisper, “I’m right here for you babe.” They'd both chuckle when he'd tell her she's a tough lady. 

She had been having contractions the whole night before she went in to labor and delivery, and now, after 9 hours of contractions, she was still in great spirits even though she was wearing out.

Doctor Craig, who is amazing, came in and delivered the baby right into Momma’s loving arms. They both had fevers, so there was talk of little baby Macklyn going to the NICU for a few days. Luckily Mom and Dad were still able to have plenty of time to snuggle their newborn baby first. Carissa was so happy to have her darling girl Macklyn here safely, and Donnie was the most adorable with her. He kept giving her kisses and little tickles and talking to her so sweetly. 

Preparing for a baby is such a process! And preparing for the birth day can be hard to do. What do you remember about giving birth? What do you wish you would have known?! Comment below with any advice you have for a new mom on delivery day! From what to pack in their hospital bag to what tips work for pain- I’m sure they’d like to hear it all!